Wednesday, 1 December 2010

China, Australia, America


I have done a lot of moaning about how busy I have been, haven’t I? Well some of the things I have done had deadlines attached to them. This is a good thing for me because I am quite flaky when it comes to getting things finished.


The first thing I completed was from an idea over at Marigold Jam who had heard about an orphanage in China desperate for warm clothes. I contacted the charity and was paired with Isobel who was nearly a year old. I regularly make baby clothes but used a pattern this time that I haven’t used before. I guessed at the size and went ahead. Oh my Lord it was huge!!! As I was up against it I couldn’t frog the thing so ploughed on. It is en route at the moment. I do hope to find out if it arrives.

 IMG_0439Next up I posted to Australia to a swap partner that I had been paired with in the Christmas in July event that I took part in this year. We had to send (and would receive)  A fat quarter and a decoration in the colour way and style stated by the recipient. Mine said blue and white and traditional. I loved the hen fabric and made the decoration up based on a book I have.I have no idea who is sending me my items but they are supposed to arrive in the first week of December.


Finally I have posted to the US but this is secret for now.

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  1. Hello! I see you've been having some fun weather, which we're getting a touch of today. LOVE the little jumper you have crocheted! (it is crochet, right?) I am sure even if it is a little large, the little one it's intended for will quickly grow into it. You have been most busy. Wish I could say the same here, hopefully I'll be able to post tonight, before everyone gives me up for dead :-)
    Have a lovely day!


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