Friday, 26 February 2010

Make it Friday

Fridays were always my me day and I used to make and do in the afternoons. I called them crafternoons. However the afternoon has streched to all day today oh FUN. I started with a little paper hankie holder I think it looksFrench / Nautical/ Patriotic. They only take an hour and scraps. Maybe I'll do a tutorial. Anyway see what you think.

Anyway after that I went on to make a lavender pillow similar to the one I made Mum, from the same book in fact. However changes had to be made because I find it hard to come by the lovely vintagey colours of felt that they seem to use so much in the US. Here it is being made ... I used silk for the central pannal

and here all done.

I am very pleased to say the least. Beads are the glitter of the sewing world. I hope you like it.
Thanks to all those people finding the time to check out my blog, its a reall boost to see that others like and then send supportive comments about my doings. Cheers and Happy Friday.

Monday, 22 February 2010

A huge boob

Oh no its not what you think my friends. Although it did make you sit up and listen, admit it. The boob of which I speak is a mistake or a nearly one. I blogged the following pictures and then thought " what if she (Mum) sees them?" so I pulled them only to repost today because I am pleased with the results.

Its Mums birthday and she loves Cath Kidston so I sprinkled a little lou-lou magic over a wee scrap o' duck. I like it so much I will make another for me

This rapidly followed from a new book that I got recently, Quilt a Gift: 25 Heartfelt Projects from Quick to Heirloom Barri Sue Gaudet

Mum loved her presents. Score

Friday, 19 February 2010

Winning ways

If you've not been there and you like to hook take a lookie at Ravelry. Its a one stop place for all things needle. They've been going for ages but I only recently found them. Anyway they are running a winter olympics which I cheekily decided to enter at the last minute. A small project that ws dooable and here it is!!!

The young dude is making it look considerably cool. I made it up pattern wise and used this for the image.

Well I look today and it was mentioned at the podium as being a medal winner (along with everyone else)  but I am going to take all the good stuff that comes my way.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

ta daah

Well here it is at last. Perhaps now I am a finisher and not a maker of UFO's. Woe betide anyone who dares to sit on it at any picnic cos it'll be there last!! Mwa mwa mwahahahaha (evil laughter for effect)

Am I sad for being so in love with this blankie that I take it to bed so that it will be the first thing that I see in the morning?
Thougt so.......

I'd like to tell you that its a scrap blankie made entirely from stash busters but 3 trips to the only yarn shop I can find might tell you otherwise.
Don't tell blankie but he started life being destined for Ebay or some such other place in order to finance the next big thing. I'm in love now and we will never be parted. Never do you hear?

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Why I am happy today

OOh get this. Basket from Knaresborough for full on summer picnicing and fabric newly aquired from ebay. wont it make good bunting? The basket is to house the hex blanket that I have finished today. Its busy blocking away so only a sneaky peak for now. with a few other  yummylicious things

I lways find that when making something in crochet the snippings are really quite lovely so I have included them here before they went in the bin

After all that hard work I had to have a sit down and something fortifying. Ahhhh. T made them !!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Must do better

I have been wanting nay trying to share what I do craftwise but failing horribly. You see its knowing where to start as I want to include things that I have done in the past (there is quite alot) All of this has confused me into not knowing where to begin. So ignoring Julie Andrews, I will not start at the very begining but do the opposite and start with what I have on the go. my WIP (work in progress) if you like.

This is the project I am most excited about even after 4 weeks. I found another blog and definately liked what I saw it was the inspirational attic24 I love everything avbout this blog and only hope that I am half so entertaining
I made the birdie from her instruction too. I am going to make lots more too.birdie 
The heart garland was
skip to my lou I will be making more of this for valentines so watch this space
These are also recent craft seshes. Mmmmmmmm
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