Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Homes and gardens and down the lanes


A cottagy looking corner of Lou Lou land.



IMG_1582 Peas. (Ready to eat)

I’ve had a few (peas ladies now now)

Sneakily, standing between the rows pods an’ all.

IMG_1583 onion, beetroot, more peas and pumpkin.


Big onion!! They were a failure last year.


Pumpykins. Ooer.


My salad bowl. This lives on the deck for emergency salad situations.


Not elephants eye yet but this always does well.



Very Mr McGregor don’t you think?


Down the lanes:


Believe it or not this made me think of winter and snow. I know but its true. I've just unlatched the door so the giant preteen can get in (I know kind of me) This time during November and December I would also turn on the outdoor light and draw the curtain against the DARK Yep 4pm would be dark in the northern Hemisphere then. So  we all turn into sun worshipers at this time of year and often get burned, dehydrated or worse as we feel the need to soak up enough sun to “get us through” the dark days of winter. This, coupled with the failure of summer to show up at all in the last 3 years…. Well you catch my drift. How very British of me to go on about the weather!! Although bizarrely I met an Australian in the lane today, (I could tell he was Aussie before he spoke as he had a proper hat on) he said hello and commented on how lovely the weather  was.


Make the most of the sun if you have it and if you are having winter enjoy that too there is nothing nicer than snugging up with a blankie and a fire. Except the summer returning perhaps.



Wednesday, 23 June 2010

When life hands you lemons…………

Not that I’ve had a lemon of a week, more of that later. I didn’t mention that in the end on that mega hit day I received 622 hits in total. Woo hoo my head is spinning. I’ve had nothing like that since but the daily total is up. I know it shouldn’t matter but to me it is precious and special and wonderful. More than that I have had so many lovely comments and messages and such positive feedback. Its better than medicine to me I feel so good on it my dear sweet bloggy chums. I love to meet new people when they arrive and it gets me seeing new blogs too with fabulous things to teach me. I am still new at this and making friends has been the best bit. After all that and the damp squib that was the fair I ventured into Folksy land. Yep the usual Lou “ Huh it’ll probably come to nothing” ( say that in your head with Eyore voice) Well how wrong was I? Last night not one but two sales and one of them was for multiple items!!!!! So this morning guess what I have done? Packed and shipped my things to the punters.

IMG_1563A lucky lady, I know. I've felt a bit like I was in the wilderness recently, not really belonging and with not much direction. This and you have started a change of all that so thank you sincerely from me.


Fresh with the success of the elderflower cordial( still haven’t wiped it off my sandals) I fancied a go at making lemonade and it has been so hot. So I nicked Mr H’s G and T lemons and went to town.

IMG_1553 3 unwaxed lemons


Roughly chopped


Whizz with half litre of water ( just under a pint) and 140g sugar. It said to use caster but I only had granulated and it was fine.

Then you strain it and add another half litre of water et voila!!


It was yummy and so easy I will definitely do it again.

You will be pleased to know that I replaced Mr H’s lemons. Gin and tonic at home time restored.


Help yourself to a sneaky peak of the next project on the hook. A granny jacket made from Dale Svale yarn, 50% cotton ,40% acrylic and 10% silk i got it here. A lovely drapey soft yarn. I’m not really a clothing maker (never really goes well) but I thought I’d give it a go. The general Idea is to make 2 granny hexes and sew them together to make a boxy jacket. I have seen baby jackets done this way and saw the idea for an adult version here. I will post more as I get into it. Off into the garden now to do a little in fact.




Monday, 21 June 2010

Weekend things

I feel as if I have had a long weekend this week as we started on Friday. Master loulou had a training day and we hung out together, I felt like the summer hols had started. I know that in the US school hols have started but here the education system continues until the end of July after which our children get 6 weeks (give or take) How about the US schools? Do you go back in September too?


Anyway on Saturday the weather turned yuck so it must be time for the primary school summer fair!!! My friend Sara and I had a stall together. She makes and sells greetings cards and mighty talented she is too. I made things and tried to sell them but there wasn’t much doing. After I had paid for the stall I made £20. It all counts however and we had fun. I caught up with old friends and had a good gossip.

 IMG_1515  IMG_1516






I am going to put the left over items on to my Folksy shop. Here are the close-ups I took

I have never tried this before so we will see how it goes. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A lovely few days

Well lovely friends I am sitting outside on the deck blogging to you on my lappy toppy. She is sooo surlooow but I can't be at the main 'puter because I have a man in. I am having my carpets and sofas dedoggyfied and generally freshened up. Of course along with this I am enjoying a fine glass of elderflower cordial which I made yesterday after I read about it at The Quince tree. It has a wonderful and subtle taste and i very refreshing. Very English.

IMG_1508 IMG_1490   

I have been getting up verry early these past few days, it must be the light of the sun. It has meant that I have fitted in some sneaky hook time. Mr LLL goes off verrrry early so I disturb noone by hooking in bed with a coffee and the Dog ( please don't be disgusted)

 My dear friend Sara and I are having a stall at the local primary summer fair. This time last year I was the chair of the FROGS ( friends of Goldeborough school) so it will be very different for me this year. MUCH less work for one thing. I have made corsages and chapstick holders as well as mini bunting and tissue cases. We'll see how it goes most people want it all for nothing, we'll have a hoot anyway and thats the main thing.
As  I type I am very excited and more than a little bemused. I host a very modest blog and as I have said in the past I am surprised and delighted that you all visit, I get may be 6 or 7 comments left and have recently sent a pressie to Mrs Twins because she left the 100th comment on my blog! I get around 20 different people visit each day. See? modest.   Well overnight stat tell me that 167 hits were recieved. OMG!!!!That is so huge for me. They mostly seemed interested in my post on the shawl I made for poorly friend who incidently has caught the sicky lurgy due to immune surpression drugs. Bummer.

IMG_1484 Well hunnies I am not sure how this is going to turn out as it looks very weird on screen right now. I will post on Sunday how the fair turns out

Edited to add that I,m now at 343 hits today. I still don't understand. Is it an error at statcounter? Welcome lovely people!!! If you are new to this blog say Hi because you are so very welcome. Lets chat.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Good thing, bad thing, stripy love





Good thing

The arrival of stash from dragon yarns.

Bad thing

Husband at home to witness said arrival


Good thing

finished shawl!!

Bad thing

It smells of wood smoke ( I like that though, reminds me of brownie camp)




Good thing

good flag flying weather. I didn’t dare fly the stars and stripes today but here it is for my friends in the US. Will do on July 4th.





Bad thing

didn’t win at footy (didn’t loose either but apparently this is not good enough)Can you tell I’m not a fan of football?







Good thing

The odd glass ( although I have taken antihistamines and no one told me that they would make me …………….    zzzzzzzzzzz)






Also good thing

Sunny evening, Rosemary twigs in the fire pit, Mr Lou lou chillin’ and pup playing


Bad thing

Its raining today but hey that only means one thing……………..





Its hooky time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

granny shawl pattern




I have written the pattern for the shawl that I am making and it starts with a video. I should mention that for all my friends Stateside what I refer to as a treble is double crochet in your parlance. The video stops in a funny place but I have filled my memory card so there is the first row and half the second. I won’t be giving up the day job anytime soon. My camera skills are a bit poor. PS look out for Sally the dog making her screen debut. Do I really sound like that?


Row1: make a magic circle. Ch3 then tr 2 into the circle, ch1 tr 3 into the circle ch 3 turn. Pull up the magic circle firmly.


Row 2 2tr in the same stitch as turning chain. ch1 (tr3 ch1 tr3) into centre ch space ch1 tr3 into 3rd ch of the turning ch. ch3 turn


Row 3 2tr in same stitch as turning chain ch1 3tr in ch1 space (tr3 ch1 tr3) in centre ch space ch 1 tr3 in ch space ch1 3tr in 3rd ch of turning space.


Repeat row 3 adding one more 3tr at each end and into each ch space  and 3tr ch1 3tr into the centre ch space,

Oh dear I’m not sure I understand it now. Try not to over think it its just a half granny square after all. Now I changed colour every 2 rows so there and back but It looks equally nice just one row per colour. The flipping ends need sewing in and that's a bind. I have tried working them in in the past but they work their way back out again.

Well I’m off to do more and watch neighbours ( don’t tell the husband) Thanks again for more friendly encouragement including Lucy from the attic!! You like my colours well they are largely your colours too apart from one green which I rejected as lovely as it seemed on the web made my eyes bleed when I got it home. I am starting to think about edgings now any ideas? I love fans and crab stitch although it feels weird crocheting backwards.

Monday, 7 June 2010

granny along

My blogging continues on thanks mainly to the generosity, inspiration and encouragement of others for which I m so grateful. I am truly loving doing this and cannot wait daily to see who has visited and from where (Tel Aviv and Lebanon had me agog!! Welcome if that was you xx) You're  quiet bunch but I get that, I am too. I love to read the pictures but I also  am getting braver and have always been welcomed when I do say Hi. I am currently very inspired by attic 24’s use of colour and the very simple crochet techniques. I am trying to work with the cheery colours and make a granny stripe shawl

IMG_1423 IMG_1424 IMG_1435 IMG_1434IMG_1441

Here are my yarns and early efforts. I am trying to write the pattern if anyone is interested. I also am trying to   include a video of the ‘magic circle’ technique that I use to start the project. Not my invention you understand but once I learned it I use it all the time. I can’t decide whether its cool or belongs in the 70’s. Its fun though. I will beetle off and write the pattern. More photos as it grows

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Five star bank holiday

No really I’m not showing off. We decided very last minute to go and stay with Mum and Dad for one night. We can take the dog as its only 30mins away and they have a wonderful place with a huge garden.
IMG_1380 IMG_1367

These were taken on Sunday needless to say. Warm and sunny so we had a barbe before we headed home. Check out the wisteria. Amazing. I am trying to think where I could put one.
I have also been messing with the macro setting, hum needs work. The long weekend is over now and I have my pre teen still in pyjamas watching dr who to contend with (time of typing 10.08) So far today we have had no less than 3 early visits. No. 1 Postie bringing me this

IMG_1407IMG_1419So no heartache there but for the fact he came at 7.50 . Last week EB had a 25% off sale to commemorate 25 years in business so I HAD to buy something, it would have been rude not to. Do you see how its been inspected by Joyce? Thanks Joyce.
Anyway N02 was Poorly neighbour I told you about last time with a pressie for me!!! Lovely Molten Brown lippy. She had set herself the task of walking the furthest she has walked in ages and at the end of the walk was MB so in she hopped and got my lippy. I apparently motivated the whole thing supported by you lovely people and your kind wishes and thoughts. She has also had a swim (needed to sleep for a day after that one) so for now things look good. She will probably overdo it but then that's what us 40ish women are used to doing.

Finally No. 3 was postie with the regular mail which has so worried DS that he has gone to get dressed before anyone else turns up.

IMG_1362And finally finally a glimpse of future projects. Yummy yummy.
Thank you for all your lovely comments and for visiting. I have friends from all continents (except Antarctica) and that makes me so happy thank you my friends this means the world to me.
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