Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas round up


As promised I have the Holly pattern for you. I know that there is a very famous holly pattern out there from Attic 24 but this is very different and doesn’t have an amazingly long tutorial. Oops sorry about that. I also have a symbol pattern. I find them really easy to read but I appreciate that many people do not so I have tried to write this down too, aaarrrgghh.


Chain 10, dc in the second ch from hook.working into the foundation ch htr in next tr in each of next 2 st. ch3, sl st into 1st of 3ch. htr in next tr in each of next 2 st. ch3, sl st into 1st of 3ch. htr in next st. Into last of foundation chain work dc, ch3, sl st into 1st of 3ch, dc. htr in next, tr in each of next 2 st., ch3, sl st into 1st of 3ch. htr in next, tr in each of next 2 st ch3, sl st into 1st of 3ch. htr in next sl st in 1st ch.

I made 2 sewed them together and used a modified tiny tiny flower as a berry. The modification is just do round 2 and forget round 1. Or you can do it unmodified if you like.


Thanks to all the supportive comments re the housework vs crochet debate. You told me exactly what I wanted to hear and I can show you the result of the rest of the day on Friday, I even had it blocked before bed time. Here are the details,

Yarn: Galaxy 2 balls (it has sequins)

Pattern: South bay shawlette


Finally may I introduce to you my very good friends. Good looking bunch aren’t they?

They visited us for the weekend and we had the best time ever. The lady is my bestest buddy from school and my chief bridesmaid and has NEVER failed to be there for me when I needed her. Her Daughter, (girl genius) is my goddaughter and its always a joy and privilege to spend time with her. Our husbands first met when we honeymooned in France at their home when we were too poor to afford a holiday, it was a risk but they hit it off. Their son has had an amazing year and is a face that you will be seeing a lot of. He will be staring in the BBCs dramatization of the borrowers 7.30 boxing day bbc1. He plays James the boy who discovers the borrowers. I am very much enjoying fame by association (I’ll take whatever I can get)


I’ll be back after the big day now, I hope you all have a great festive time whatever and however you celebrate.

Love to all



Friday, 16 December 2011

Dilemma. Well not really.


Beloved friends coming for Lunch on Sunday. So much cleaning to do. Many preparations to be made. However I have yarn with sequins. What am I to do?

What anyone would do, quick hoover to salve conscience followed by hooky heaven and a frenzy on Sunday morning employing child and husband helpers. Did I just delegate?

Friday, 2 December 2011

Bobbin Robbin


Finally I am pulling out my finger. Here are this years ferrero rocher “hats”. This time Robin shaped. They are similar to the puds I made last year and they are all free to you to use. All the designs are on my shelf but robin is  here.

I even don’t mind if you sell your work for personal profit, why would I? Its your work. Just don’t sell the pattern. Feel free to pass it on to fellow crafters. I am especially glad to have you use them to raise charity funds.

These will be on my craft fait table on Sunday, along with these brooches. I made mistletoe brooches last year using the 100 flowers to knit and crochet book. These are my design with a much reduced teeny tiny Lucy flower for a berry. I only have a picture chart for the leaf so far but I hope to share it with you soon.


I am going to put the fire on and whip up a few more of the robins for family and friends.

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