Monday, 22 August 2011


The only problem with taking your hols at this time of year is that you come home to a mountainous pile of fruit and veg that need dealing with urgently.


So far I have;

Tomato soup, Passata roasted on the leftover heat of the barbe, Celery soup made today and enjoyed for lunch, all in the freezer

I have of course had much of the produce fresh in salads etc. or out in the garden, peas find it hard to make it indoors. The dog also loves them. Just the teen to convince. He has had beetroot and declared it ok. He was especially keen when I explained that genetically he was quite likely to have golden wee wee as a result.(sorry about that)

I also have so many plans for pickles preserves and chutneys plus various dishes which I can freeze and enjoy later in the year.

I look forward to sharing the process with you.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Home again. Was I anywhere near your house?


On the way there


View from the apartment


Lizard point




Eden Project




St Michaels Mount


Here too


Lots of this kind of thing.


On the way to London for a few days so we could visit our 5th Doctor Who experience. We are now staycationing and visiting local attractions. We live in the most wonderful part of the country and are trying not to take it for granted.

The accommodation is free now and five star I’d say but days out are pricey. So far I have been to

Scarborough – cold

Leyburn ( wensleydale railway) and 2 brewery's (Masham)

Pictures when it rained – expensive and scary (super 8)

Today is Huddersfield to go into the longest canal tunnel in Europe.

If I have been anywhere near where you live, do say Hi. I've had the best ever time this country is lovely. Lucky us.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Off on hols

Well I have finally slung the kid off the puter so that I can chat with my chums. I have had a busy week this week getting ready for the annual hols. The house is clean (ish) the dog is at Mum and Dads and my bags are packed. We will take off tomorrow for Cornwall via Bath (husbands alma Mata) We are staying in Mevagissey but we are going all-over and I hope to phone blog pictures and the odd word but don’t lets hold our breath because I am techno pants and this could be a step too far.

On Sunday we celebrated the silver wedding anniversary of my cousin Gillian and her husband David. At the original wedding I was 18 and chief bridesmaid. I don’t have a photo from 25 years ago but here is the bride and groom complete with the hand crafted, commemorative loo roll cover that I fashioned.


We have had a long running laugh at the unbelievable tatt that her parents got when it was their 25th. I had warned her that I was on the look out for something crappy amazing to remember the day. Only families eh?

As we begin the weekend I wish you all a happy few days and wish me some non typical fine weather . It is now wine o’clock nails need a painting.

Love Louxx

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