Friday, 19 August 2011

Home again. Was I anywhere near your house?


On the way there


View from the apartment


Lizard point




Eden Project




St Michaels Mount


Here too


Lots of this kind of thing.


On the way to London for a few days so we could visit our 5th Doctor Who experience. We are now staycationing and visiting local attractions. We live in the most wonderful part of the country and are trying not to take it for granted.

The accommodation is free now and five star I’d say but days out are pricey. So far I have been to

Scarborough – cold

Leyburn ( wensleydale railway) and 2 brewery's (Masham)

Pictures when it rained – expensive and scary (super 8)

Today is Huddersfield to go into the longest canal tunnel in Europe.

If I have been anywhere near where you live, do say Hi. I've had the best ever time this country is lovely. Lucky us.


  1. Leyburn ain't that far, as the crow flies, from where I live. By road is a different matter. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. What a shame you haven't had chance to visit Scotland. (I don't live there) But Scotland has some amazing scenery.

  2. Not even close to my house--lol!

  3. Yes!! well not far anyway when you drove past Stonehenge hehe if you took the A30 Route from Cornwall onto the A303 you would have passed me hehe xxx

  4. You've been to 2 places that I really want to visit: St. Michael's Mount and the Eden project. Loved looking at your pictures, especially liked the 2nd and 3rd ones, beautiful landscape.

  5. Hi Louise, hope you had a great time in Cornwall...we have just returned . You fitted a lot in . When it's sunny we can only do the beach...but what beaches and it's cheap :0)
    We did visit Padstow which was crammed with people...very claustraphobic...expect it's lovely low season.
    In the past we have visited Helligan and the Lizard point...loved both .
    Jacquie x

  6. Cornwall looks wonderful. Glad that you have had a super holiday!
    Lucy xx

  7. Well I wish you had been somewhere near me, 'cos these places you visited look beautiful and I would love to visit them. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday.

  8. You look like you are having a fabulous time. I love the Glastonbury Tor photograph and Stonehenge! You really should come sight seeing in the Midlands, Redditch has a spectacular Water tower and ring road and many famous traffic round abouts, you could visit Birmingham which has a great rag market, fantastic ring road and many traffic round abouts...oooh but we do have Cadbury World!


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