Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Pin cushion tutorial

I trawled  the internet the other day because I needed a new pin cushion, the old one is a bit worn.


Would you believe that I came across a picture for a booby pincushion and a uterus one! No I am not going to show the link (I cant remember it) just Google uterus pin cushion, I bet its there.

An idea that did come up was for a handy ring pin cushion. Not only that but its an up cycled bottle top.


Here is how I made it


Punch 2 holes. I had a tool but a hot nail would do it. Be sure and hold it with pliers.


Put a bit of elastic through and knot it inside the top.


I cut out a3 inch circle of felt, gathered it with a running stitch, stuffed it with toy stuffing and tied it tightly.


I covered the top with ribbon, filled the top with hot glue and put the cake on the bottle top, decorated with a few more ribbons (cheeky CK ribbon)


A wooden bead and some coloured pins finish it off. This is a seriously handy pin cushion, its right where you want it while crocheting and so cute to wear. If you have a go let me see!!

Friday, 25 March 2011

Quiet Riot




Thank you all so much for the kind words regarding my new (slow burner) project. I wanted to show more but I was a little behind. Basically I found this pattern on ravelry and it works best if you use variegated yarns hence my choice of riot which I bought for £3.26 Here. The colours and feel are a lot like Noro and it does have some natural fibre in so I am well pleased with it.

The pattern says to use 2 different balls but I think that you could use 2 balls of the same colour if you started in different places. One ball is the fat row and the other is the thinner borders. You set off not knowing where the yarn will take you. This is not for the control freak (I have struggled a few times to really love the combos) This is one of those projects that you have to be loose about and wait for the end because no matter what it comes together fabulously in the end. The pattern says to make 6 squares but I may do more. I particularly like the fact that the squares are put together, vertically and horizontally. OOO I am proper excited about this one, its a plodder so no big rush, it will be my autumn snuggling blanket.


Just been on Ravelry searching crochet patterns “What's hot now”, Guess what I found on page 16? My granny shawl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so made up.

Happy weekend to you all and an especial welcome to new faces!!! I am approaching 100 followers which I could not have conceived of when I started out.  New tutorial for next time so be sure and pop by.

Friday, 18 March 2011

A riot of colour

IMG_1020IMG_1021 (2)

New project preview. An alternative to nasty Noro.


Taking advantage of the sun to show the spot blanket progress.


Summer shawl is all done and being blocked upstairs. Its acrylic so I used steam to “kill” the fibre. I could actually see it move as it died!!! uuurrgh. It is undoubtedly nasty yarn but soft and it looks pretty. I know some people that are like that!!


Finally, what do you do when you are 13 and your muscles have yet to “kick in”. Well you get your mother to paint a six pack on a t shirt for red nose day so you can be the incredible hulk at the school monster theme day.

A grand weekend to you all and if you are one of those people who had green beer last night, then I really hope that you are starting to feel better.



Friday, 11 March 2011

Fab Friday

A while ago I looked around for new blogs to add to my reading list. One of the ones I found was In the sky. Lucy’s blog is so creative and I have truely enjoyed investigating her blog. I was especially glad that I found her blog when I won her ----tieth birthday giveaway!!!


Wow Lucy thank you. Afternoon tea will be an occasion. I am going to wash my hair and put on a frock!! Fingers are my ultimate, I could and probably will eat the entire box.


I am also grateful to Lucy's blog as it has enabled me to finish a UFO and that was one of my resolutions this year. I had made this colourful coffee cosy but had no idea how to attach it so it stayed on. Lucy drew my attention to Kumihimo-Japanese Braiding . It is such fun, so quick and the result is amazing. I used acrylic yarn but the finished product has (I think) a cotton texture to it. Great stuff thanks.


Other things I have been doing (between gradual spring clean of the glory holes and extreme dust bunnies)


More baby boots for my Aunts friends daughter, free pattern here


A knitting project because I am actually ashamed of how badly I knit. These are to cover creme eggs but they take me ages. They are Jean Greenhowe creatins and are also free Go get some!!


Finally I found this on tinternet  here its a great tutorial and quite easy to make. Its up to you how to decorate.


The best bit is the handle detail, I LOVE this. I have already made several to fill with easter yummies and give to lovely friends


I can feel that I am in a manic phase of crafts as I have just spotted a new crochet blankie idea, it calls for Noro silk garden and Kureyon. I bought some silk garden a while ago (£12 what was I thinking) Its awful!! So I am looking for an alternative (cheaper version) It is going to be a Riot of colour. I will share this with you just as soon as I have had it sanctioned by the reigning in police. Have a smashing weekend, I am off to crochet, what else!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Winner, hearts and flag

So sorry to keep you waiting but I’ve been taking advantage of some fine weather to get into the garden and prepare the veg beds for the new growing season.

Right the draw, drum roll pleaseIMG_0972

And the winner is……


Of Aussie Maria fame. As soon as you let me know where to send it, the bunny plus chocolate sweetie egg will be on its way to you. You can email me at the adress in my profile. Yay!!

Aside from gardening and chasing dust bunnies around, I have been hooking. A little late and inspired as always by blolgand I have made hearts for a bathroom garland which I have snuck in while my husband is away this week

.IMG_0971  IMG_0965 IMG_0966

I really love them but they need more stuff dangling from them. As you can see there is far too much wall on show. I got the pattern from June Gilbanks website. I think the shape is lovely.


I have also made this cushion. Now I really love this one. It was easy to make and quite quick too. I especially like the finish on the cushion as it looks professional (not blowing my own trumpet, the pattern is very profesh) The pattern can be purchased  from The Royal Sisters £3.78. I saw it a while ago but did nothing until I saw Amanda had made one and I had a serious case of the wanties.IMG_0961

I do like my union flags. It was while I was doing this that I made the square for Sibol.  I fancy making one in lots of bonny colours or maybe shades of grey. Hmmm

Huge welcome to all my new visitors by the way. Its so lovely to know you are there weather you want to say hi or not. I love to know that I am not alone.

Happy Wednesday



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