Friday, 27 January 2012

If its in the house it MUST be pretty

So I joined in with  an idea to seriously prettify my surroundings which involves having a reet good tidy up and then making the home all glam. I was thinking of tackling the various and numerous glory holes that exist throughout my home so I started with the kitchen.


I dislike the very idea of fridge magnets but the thing is a huge notice board and I really need to remember some stuff (If its in plain sight I have a good chance of remembering it) Hence if I have to have them then they must be pretty.


what do you think? If you fancy a go then here is an outline of how to do it.


Hot glue a button to a circle of felt just bigger than the button.


Cut some fabric just under twice the size of the button.


IMG_1881Put a running stitch around the edge of the outer fabric and gather it up, place the felt covered button inside the gathered fabric and pull up the gathered stitch. Sew over the back lots to smooth and secure

A dob of hot glue attaches a circle of magnet to the back and then you're done.


Its a quicky and was very useful in distracting me from the laundry which I was supposed to be working on, Oh dear!

Friday, 20 January 2012

Cupboard craft

You may remember that I had a New Year clean out of the pantry cupboard, No? Well I did and threw away anything pre 1975 (or so it seemed) and now I have some pretty empty shelves that I am slowly restocking.


I removed and washed some storage jars as they were largely unused. I have since found a fab idea for their rejuvenation which I would like to share with you.

I also had some jars that I save for chutney and the like so this is a repurposing idea that is v. cheap.

Using only things scavenged from the garage, or man cave as I have been informed it is called, I made chalkboard labels for the jars so that I will know whats in’em. ( the union flag is there to provide a cover for the infamous pile of crap that always seems to be there, it is made up of things that have no home or are temporarily needed. No matter how often I clear it away, it returns.)



I masked out a rectangle with electricians tape and painted with 2 coats of blackboard paint. The repurposed jars have a painted lid to mask the writing on them.

I love these beauties and made them in between brekkie and a careers interview with T. I am fully aware that as they are glass you can see what's in the jars merely by looking but I think they look nice s’there.

I get my ideas from stumbleupon and hope to try something new most Fridays as that is my craft time that I set aside. I will start to put them in the sidebar if I remember how…….



Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday crafternoon


I always allow myself a little me time on a Friday between chores and dinner. Today I was quite proud of my cupboard tidying (2 heavy supermarket bags full of things that expired in 2009, I know but please save your outrage to the end) I also ironed and restrung and tuned a guitar for Mr H who wants to learn. At this point I turned my attention craft ward and made the fabric bow you see nestled in my log basket. ( we have a gas fire its entirely for mock cottagey show) Robin is a recent acquisition don’t you just love him?


I used instructions from here to make it although I made it smaller, only 2 of each size strip and the centre loop was about 4 inches. I glued it for speed but would sew it next time. It would look lovely on a hair band or even a brooch.

Thank you to Lucy of Lucyinthesky blog for leading me to stumble upon where I found the idea and many many more besides Its addictive so approach with caution.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Away in a manger


As we do every year, we visited York Minster. A Minster is basically a Cathedral church with an Anglo Saxon foundation and the name refers to the Churches original monastery status. Well near enough. There are few Minsters in the UK and York is perhaps the best known. We go there to light candles at the children's chapel (one dedicated to St Nicholas!) Right by the Nativity scene, as you can see only the shepherds were there on the day we visited, the wise men are placed in later.


However on close inspection (eagle eyed son to thank for this one) we observe the adoration of the brachiosaur and cow. Joseph, its behind you.


Now a cow deserves to be there right? But a time travelling dino? Really? It made me smile any way.  The bishop has a rare twinkle in his eye and I could believe that he has encouraged some child to put it there and see what happens


I took a few more but their not so hot. This one shows the rose window and the huge advent crown.


This last one is of the first 14 kings of England. I know its an appalling photo but we love to see them and attempt to sing the Horrible Histories song to remember them in order. Yes were  strange family.

Happy New Year to all of you.

( even the anonymous person who left me a long comment detailing how crap my holly pattern was. God bless you dear. )

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