Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Away in a manger


As we do every year, we visited York Minster. A Minster is basically a Cathedral church with an Anglo Saxon foundation and the name refers to the Churches original monastery status. Well near enough. There are few Minsters in the UK and York is perhaps the best known. We go there to light candles at the children's chapel (one dedicated to St Nicholas!) Right by the Nativity scene, as you can see only the shepherds were there on the day we visited, the wise men are placed in later.


However on close inspection (eagle eyed son to thank for this one) we observe the adoration of the brachiosaur and cow. Joseph, its behind you.


Now a cow deserves to be there right? But a time travelling dino? Really? It made me smile any way.  The bishop has a rare twinkle in his eye and I could believe that he has encouraged some child to put it there and see what happens


I took a few more but their not so hot. This one shows the rose window and the huge advent crown.


This last one is of the first 14 kings of England. I know its an appalling photo but we love to see them and attempt to sing the Horrible Histories song to remember them in order. Yes were  strange family.

Happy New Year to all of you.

( even the anonymous person who left me a long comment detailing how crap my holly pattern was. God bless you dear. )


  1. What a lovely place to visit and how funny is the little dinosaur! Hope you and a very happy New Year. All the best for 2012.
    Take care
    PS. Phooey to the person who said your holy pattern was crap, I thought it was very good.

  2. I think your Holly pattern looks great. Best wishes
    Lucy xx

  3. I love Horrible Histories and the Kings song - great children's programme (that adults can enjoy too). Can't for the life of me remember the song or the order of the Kings though lol! History was never my forte! :)

  4. Love the dinosaur - and the other photos of the Minster. It is so beautiful.There are something about the cathedrals that are so awe inspiring and they have an otherwordly stillness to them - even when filled with people. (I also like Durham Cathedral and looking at all the big stone pillars which all seem to have different patterns on them). And I now have this need to go and discover that Horrible Histories song...... :-) (And no your Holly pattern, was most emphatically NOT crap - they were just jealous, or trolling.....)

  5. yeni yılın kutlu olsun arkadaşım sevgiler.

  6. I live in the US and went to York Minster 4 years ago while visiting relatives. There was an exhibition of giant wooden figures (people.) I can't remember the sculptor's name; he was from Poland. Koenig, maybe? It was a traveling exhibition. Loved the Minster, and England, too.
    Just discovered your blog recently and have been following it.


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