Friday, 27 January 2012

If its in the house it MUST be pretty

So I joined in with  an idea to seriously prettify my surroundings which involves having a reet good tidy up and then making the home all glam. I was thinking of tackling the various and numerous glory holes that exist throughout my home so I started with the kitchen.


I dislike the very idea of fridge magnets but the thing is a huge notice board and I really need to remember some stuff (If its in plain sight I have a good chance of remembering it) Hence if I have to have them then they must be pretty.


what do you think? If you fancy a go then here is an outline of how to do it.


Hot glue a button to a circle of felt just bigger than the button.


Cut some fabric just under twice the size of the button.


IMG_1881Put a running stitch around the edge of the outer fabric and gather it up, place the felt covered button inside the gathered fabric and pull up the gathered stitch. Sew over the back lots to smooth and secure

A dob of hot glue attaches a circle of magnet to the back and then you're done.


Its a quicky and was very useful in distracting me from the laundry which I was supposed to be working on, Oh dear!


  1. Gosh how clever! They look super.

  2. You are too good at this, what a simple but very pretty idea...I hope you have added this page to Stumbleupon it belongs with the greats like the lunchboxes from a milk carton! I'm serious it's great.

  3. Love it! Have to give this a try. I'm thinking I culd hot glue some little crocheted flowers on them.

  4. A very pretty idea Louise.

    Thanks for the comments on SIBOL! X

  5. Great Ideas. I have an award for you on my blog. Please visit the following link to see it.


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