Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year


Very best wishes for the New Year and all it has in store for us.

Love from Lou


Thursday, 23 December 2010

All the best

I will be back after the break but wanted to wish all the new friends that I have made a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.


I have just finished the clear up after a particularly nasty burst pipe in the loft. My nerves are shattered and I am badly in need of a bath. That nasty hum in Oz, NZ and the US is me, sorry folks. Quite a few of my neighbours are in the same boat due mainly to temperatures of –12 for a prolonged time. Please don’t tell me how you all cope at minus 97, I realise that brits are soft and I’m not in the mood quite yet. (give it time and 3 bottles of fizz)


I was cheered up by the fact that I received a swap parcel from a Christmas in July project that I took part in. The parcel has been on its way since 29th Nov… Wow.


I got this



I sent this

Pray for my pipes. Mr H is super lagging as we speak.

This has been the best year ever, no really, It has been my greatest honour to meet you all and I look forward to more shenanigans in the New year (dry ones only)


Much love

Lou ( I only let friends call me that)

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas past

Some of the makes from previous yearsIMG_0626


IMG_0627  Windy Lou (no relation)





Monday, 20 December 2010

Do bears live in the forest?

Is what T asked me when I asked to use his forest creatures? I did titter but did NOT explain my mirth. Seriously, it would not have ended well. He did ask why I wanted them, “photo shoot” says I. I am concerned to report that this response did not even result in a raised eyebrow. Has it come to this? Are all my crazies normal now?


Anyway please enjoy the results of a very pleasant morning. I really think you should try them, especially if you have children at home for the hols. I would say that 7 up could manage with help and the 10’s or more could get on with it unsupervised. The 43’s and over got glitter EVERYWHERE, you’d better watch them.



Click on the picture to take you to the instructions

IMG_0621 - Copy

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Yarn eater cushion

Finally off the hook.
 forgot to mention I got the pattern here

Monday, 13 December 2010


What a lovely weekend. Harry Potter on Saturday followed by the dearest friends for lunch on Sunday. Bless you Vick for reading my drivel and for bringing your wonderful, talented, gorgeous and celebrity family with you.



Made some of these from here (sparkly yarn) as well as a cool ear warmer thingy from here (also sparkly). Its a great blog and one that I must fully investigate. I like it because its not a hat. I have a hot head and hats make me sweat so this is perfect. Well I have a week to get sorted before the schools break up and T and I are free to wear PJ’s all day…

I am off to see what you’ve all been up to.


Friday, 10 December 2010


I made this too from stash , leftover tree and last years wreath moss ring. It cost me nothing but time and very enjoyable time it was too.


I have also made these too for gifts for friends. I used this recipe from good food magazine, the only change was chocolate was also added. They have resided in my freezer for a while, part cooked until nearer to Christmas when they were cooked again and packed up ready. I am all for a home made treat for family and friends

        IMG_0546 IMG_0548


Thursday, 9 December 2010

Arranging Christmas

I mentioned in this post the various jobs that I was hoping to do. Well I managed some boring stuff and a wee fun job too.

card018  I was inspired by this card I got from Mum  a couple of years ago. Its a National Trust card.

IMG_0549 I used leftover tree and hedge things as well as things I have dried.

IMG_0550 I made the basic shape with tree bits

IMG_0559 Then filled in the gaps.

I am really pleased with the result as I am not a flower arranger, despite a desire to be. It will make a great centrepiece and last a good long time.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Christmas fair

I attended the local primary schools annual Christmas fair as a stall holder. This is mine and Sara's table of goodies. Mine is the right hand side.


I did much better than previous years and was happy with the morning.


Of course I made some of my puddings to sell, I have 4 left and they will make their way to my brothers house and tree. Sara did better than me and even took orders for little place setting things that she made. We are going to have an afternoon making them this week so I will show you them when they are done.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

A family history

Every year as I put out the decorations onto my tree I think about each bauble as I place it on a branch. Each one of them tells a story.IMG_0537

We were poor and newly married. These came from Woolworths (no longer trading) In a box for £2.75. I tied ribbons to the branches because we didn’t have much money.

IMG_0540 We were joined by  little person.


Grandma went to America.


We lived near the village of Tutbury. Famous for its lead crystal manufacture. These get fewer every year. I have thrown the tree out with one still on on more than one occasion.










Then there are the ones which I have made


The regulars


And the the newest addition.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Getting festive

So, I was hacking ice off the car for half an hour and the temperature was reading minus 11. Pilates will have to go. Shame really, I love it. Any hoo, we are having friends to lunch on Sunday so I thought I’d get ahead. A rich warming beef casserole is slowly plopping away and the next 2 hours are all mine!! I am hoping to……

make the door wreath

assemble an arrangement



You note I said hoping.

We put up the tree at the weekend.

 IMG_0544 And decorated.


Well I say we. My lovely husband knows better than to help and T is never interested. I am a total Monica when it comes to the tree. In fact the wrong positioning of the lights can  ruin  Christmas. I hope to give you  proper guided tour tomorrow.

I’m off now to have another crack at defrosting the car.

Friday, 3 December 2010

10 things

Firstly thanks to Louise for giving me an award. I am a wee bit ignorant of this sort of stuff but I think it involves me telling 10 thing which you might not know. I am happy to do this so here goes…..

1.I have a degree in Biology.

2. I suffer from lack of self confidence.(blogging is helping)

3. I love the music of The Cure an d Bonjovi.(eclectic wouldn’t you think?Doesn’t stop my ipod being full of police and queen though)

4. My first name Is Sarah.(this has been the bane of my life and its all your fault Mum!!!) I have NEVER  been known by this name except at the doctors/bank/exams.

5.  I hate reality TV.(Does strictly come under that title? I quite like that)

6. I used to be a brewery tour guide.

7.I can do double entry bookkeeping (Yaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn)

8. I hate brussel sprouts (not a good time of year for me) This is also my Mothers fault as I HAD to have at least one at dinner.My Mum is my best friend. (just in case you were thinking that She wasn’t)

9. I once visited the set of Coronation street as a  friend of the producer (my grandmas next-door neighbours son)

corrie017 From l to r, Mervin (producer), Mike Baldwin, Betty Lynch, Rita Fairclough, can’t remember, Oh heck cant remember her either and Mavis.

10 I am awful at travelling. I wish I was better at it. You know a free spirit, throw a pair of knickers in a bag and go sort of girl? I find the journey home can ruin the entire holiday for me. Consequently I am a home bod( 2 for one there!!)


Things remain achingly pretty here as the snow has now given way to twinkly frost.




I tried so hard to capture the twinkle, to no avail. If anyone knows the trick could you let me know? I am all geared up for a Christmas fair on Saturday. I have made a few bits to sell. My puddings for one. I find the fair disappointing usually as people don’t want to pay what things are worth.


We will be putting up the tree this weekend so I will have much to share next week. To all those who are quailing at the very idea I say “Bof” I learned this while helping T with his French homework, it means “whatever” apparently. I am only kidding by the way. I really don’t expect everyone to be as daft as I am.


Have an extremely wonderful weekend!!! Fa la la la la la la la la.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

China, Australia, America


I have done a lot of moaning about how busy I have been, haven’t I? Well some of the things I have done had deadlines attached to them. This is a good thing for me because I am quite flaky when it comes to getting things finished.


The first thing I completed was from an idea over at Marigold Jam who had heard about an orphanage in China desperate for warm clothes. I contacted the charity and was paired with Isobel who was nearly a year old. I regularly make baby clothes but used a pattern this time that I haven’t used before. I guessed at the size and went ahead. Oh my Lord it was huge!!! As I was up against it I couldn’t frog the thing so ploughed on. It is en route at the moment. I do hope to find out if it arrives.

 IMG_0439Next up I posted to Australia to a swap partner that I had been paired with in the Christmas in July event that I took part in this year. We had to send (and would receive)  A fat quarter and a decoration in the colour way and style stated by the recipient. Mine said blue and white and traditional. I loved the hen fabric and made the decoration up based on a book I have.I have no idea who is sending me my items but they are supposed to arrive in the first week of December.


Finally I have posted to the US but this is secret for now.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Weekend family things

I am loving the comments that you are leaving at the moment. for those of you that don’t get snow stay tuned I think I may be able to help!!! I have finally dug the car out and the plow and a gritter reached us by about 1.30 pm so I have parked my car at the top of the drive. My DH has had to put his car down the hill in the village. It has started again now and we expect more overnight. Ho hum more digging for  the morning. Still, we have managed sledging and DH managed to get to the kennels and collect the dog. How so kennels for dog? I her you say. Well, we went away for our annual extended family break in the woods.


This our lodge after pretty snow on Friday evening. Very Christmassy don’t you think? We get together and eat and drink, swim, play and have fun. It goes by so quickly. We set off early to avoid potential poor weather and boy am I glad we did. We were fine up until the last few miles where it dumped a load of snow on us. It was frightening.


The journey home had been so lovely. We were glad to be home in one piece!! Other family members had not seen a flake travelling in the west  to W Yorks

IMG_0460   IMG_0462

So , this was part of the reason that I was away from my dear blog. This and my setting myself impossibly short deadlines for projects meant that I had little time. I did manage to fit in a visit to the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate on Thursday. I really need someone at the end of the phone at such events to “talk me down” as I get so excited that I really think I am having some kind of attack.


There were so many lovely things, I just love this cushion!!!


This is beadwork which I have done in the past, I should put some pictures here. I had a lovely chat with the lady on this stall and the tatting circle stall. I learned to tatt in honour of my paternal Grandmother as I had already learned to crochet in honour of my Maternal Grandmother.

 IMG_0447Chatting is a major part of these events and the place was full of like minded mostly women (some had dragged along taken their husbands – why?) The above quilt was so inspirational and made from Liberty prints. Don’t you just want to eat it? Anyway I bought a few things, (some have gone to Santa) Got some gifts for friends and some Christmas projects so watch this space!!!


I have noticed that my sixtieth follower has joined recently and I would like to welcome every new person here and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This whole blog project has given me so much. Both friendship and returning self confidence so thank you all, I owe you so much.

I am hoping now that things could get back to some kind of slower pace but its the school Christmas fete on Saturday so not much chance.!! I am making more puds. IMG_0315

Have any more tried them? Manda and Ruth have and I have LOVED seeing them all so different and with so many new ideas. A successful project I think. Bye for now, Back later with more stuff,



Monday, 29 November 2010

Back again

Well how time flies and how life takes over. I have been crazy busy and lost track of my lovely blog and my friends. I plan to catch you up in the days to come. Can I just tell you that I am snowed in right now in a winter wonderland. Enjoy

IMG_0467 IMG_0463 IMG_0464 IMG_0465 IMG_0466

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