Thursday, 23 December 2010

All the best

I will be back after the break but wanted to wish all the new friends that I have made a very happy Christmas and a peaceful new year.


I have just finished the clear up after a particularly nasty burst pipe in the loft. My nerves are shattered and I am badly in need of a bath. That nasty hum in Oz, NZ and the US is me, sorry folks. Quite a few of my neighbours are in the same boat due mainly to temperatures of –12 for a prolonged time. Please don’t tell me how you all cope at minus 97, I realise that brits are soft and I’m not in the mood quite yet. (give it time and 3 bottles of fizz)


I was cheered up by the fact that I received a swap parcel from a Christmas in July project that I took part in. The parcel has been on its way since 29th Nov… Wow.


I got this



I sent this

Pray for my pipes. Mr H is super lagging as we speak.

This has been the best year ever, no really, It has been my greatest honour to meet you all and I look forward to more shenanigans in the New year (dry ones only)


Much love

Lou ( I only let friends call me that)


  1. Wishing you the happiest of Christmasses and nothing but the good stuff for 2011. Hope your pipes get sorted too!!! xxxx

  2. Happy Christmas , hope you have a great time .Look forward to your posts in 2011 :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Merry Christmas, "Lou". :-) It's been a great year for me, too, meeting other lovely crochet-lovers like you. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.
    Caz :)

  4. Merry Christmas Lou, have a lovely day.

    Sue xx

  5. Happy Christmas Louise - I hope that it brings all that you wish for (and you have just confirmed to me why I am so very glad that we no longer have any water pipes or tanks in the loft anymore!)

  6. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. Merry Christmas Louise! Very best wishes for 2011!
    Lucy xx


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