Monday, 6 December 2010

Getting festive

So, I was hacking ice off the car for half an hour and the temperature was reading minus 11. Pilates will have to go. Shame really, I love it. Any hoo, we are having friends to lunch on Sunday so I thought I’d get ahead. A rich warming beef casserole is slowly plopping away and the next 2 hours are all mine!! I am hoping to……

make the door wreath

assemble an arrangement



You note I said hoping.

We put up the tree at the weekend.

 IMG_0544 And decorated.


Well I say we. My lovely husband knows better than to help and T is never interested. I am a total Monica when it comes to the tree. In fact the wrong positioning of the lights can  ruin  Christmas. I hope to give you  proper guided tour tomorrow.

I’m off now to have another crack at defrosting the car.


  1. I know what you mean about the car. I spent an age scraping at the windscreen this morning only to find that when I got in the car it was all frozen inside too! Oh poo! Tree and decs look luverly!

  2. The children were late for school as I only left enough time to scrape the outside of the car, never thought I would have to do inside aswell, crazy weather!!
    How much of your to do list did you get done?
    I am a bit like you when it comes to the tree, I let the kids put the decs on, then when they are in bed I change it all about. xx

  3. Your tree and mantle look lovely! I hope you got all of your list done. We're starting to get the snow here, so I'm praying it doesn't take too long to thaw out my car this morning!


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