Monday, 20 December 2010

Do bears live in the forest?

Is what T asked me when I asked to use his forest creatures? I did titter but did NOT explain my mirth. Seriously, it would not have ended well. He did ask why I wanted them, “photo shoot” says I. I am concerned to report that this response did not even result in a raised eyebrow. Has it come to this? Are all my crazies normal now?


Anyway please enjoy the results of a very pleasant morning. I really think you should try them, especially if you have children at home for the hols. I would say that 7 up could manage with help and the 10’s or more could get on with it unsupervised. The 43’s and over got glitter EVERYWHERE, you’d better watch them.



Click on the picture to take you to the instructions

IMG_0621 - Copy


  1. They look lovely.
    A great photo shoot with giant mushrooms!!
    Have a fantastic xmas.xx

  2. Very sweet and thanks for sharing!

  3. OOh this is nice! Great post Louise.
    Thanks so much for everything this year, I do appreciate your help.
    Great to have you part of our group.
    Wishing you a very happy christmas and new year.
    with love from Suex

  4. I love the little felt mushrooms!
    Lucy xx


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