Friday, 27 May 2011


We’re on 48 hours notice here at Lally towers. Lovely lad has been invited to a fancy dress party at a fellow dudes house. Party will include watching Doctor Who and food. What more could a 13 year old boy want? I am informed that there will be girls too!!! Heck I feel old, especially as it doesn’t finish until 10 which is my bed time plus, no wine for me cos I’ll be on the pick up. Harrumph.

So what must I do in the interim? Make the gosh darned costume is all. He wants to go as Tron. Don't ask.


I have been presented with a small plastic guy with clear instructions to paint his decals onto a black shirt that I had to first track down. Everything has short sleeves and I struggled to find the prescribed long sleeved crew necked black t shirt. Needless to say I found one in gap (25% off) but then forgot to get the salad and chicken for Sunday. Don’t worry readers because I will have to go back and get a birthday gift for this chap, I am informed.


All this because, and they were listed for me, I have made so many dress ups for him in the past. Culminating in the Hulk T shirt recently.


I only do it dear readers because the thought of paying 39.99 for a toys r us slash comic book shop version makes me want to puke. So for less than a tenner T is Tron and I get to have a dry Saturday. It’ll do me good, I’ll be so full of beans on Sunday that the garden won’t know what hit it.


Thursday, 12 May 2011

While I was away

Oh dear, I have not been blogging much recently. I have been reading though. This time of year is so busy in the garden and this time I am attempting to shoehorn so much more in veggiewise.


I am lucky enough to have two green houses. (I know!) The first one we inherited, Its huge if a little shaded.I grow most stuff here before it goes out. The second glasshouse we brought with us and is for tomatoes only.


I have corn and peas, a farms worth, fortunately the boy will eat them.


These are my spuds


Beetroot and onions


Indoor tomatoes, red cherry, yellow cherry and gardeners delight.






The salad bowl .I haven’t bought leaves for 2 weeks and I eat it every day!!


Leftover plants, for the neighbours.


Look at the temperature, phew.


Just a few flowers counteract the productivity. I am going to try and do more blogging I swear. Maybe I’ll show you my hanging baskets, when I get them done that is.

Enjoy your garden folks, wherever it is.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Royal wedding


What a great day


We decorated…….


No opportunity was missed for patriotism.


We had a feast and watched on tv.



The things in paper were asparagus frittata cooked in prosciutto ham cases. Mum made them from this recipe in good food magazine. Highly recommended to accompany fizz. We also had coronation chicken in lettuce cups, pork pie, quiche and sausage rolls. I stopped short of sandwiches but we were after traditional British party


Here is the fridge “ before”. Its nothing like that now.


A great family day in which we made memories and celebrated being together and Britishness

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Some family traditions


Some time off to enjoy the sculpture park.





Highly recommended by the way. It was all free apart from £4 parking all day. Take a picnic. We were there all  morning and barely scratched the surface.

Tomorrow, how we celebrated the royal wedding.

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