Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Royal wedding


What a great day


We decorated…….


No opportunity was missed for patriotism.


We had a feast and watched on tv.



The things in paper were asparagus frittata cooked in prosciutto ham cases. Mum made them from this recipe in good food magazine. Highly recommended to accompany fizz. We also had coronation chicken in lettuce cups, pork pie, quiche and sausage rolls. I stopped short of sandwiches but we were after traditional British party


Here is the fridge “ before”. Its nothing like that now.


A great family day in which we made memories and celebrated being together and Britishness


  1. Oh boy how lovely!
    Glad you had a nice time Louise!
    It was certainly an eventful day with the Royal Wedding and SIBOL!
    Hugs Suex

  2. Looks fantastic, I think you should do it all again and invite us! xx :)

  3. I did vow to stay away from it all (and I did) but I did see photos in the paper and I did like her dress - it was very elegant. It's not that I am being miserable about the weddding - it's just that the press were SO overkill about it - I just got fed up of hearing about it constantly. It looks like you had great fun (love the flan/cake with all the Union Jack fruit decorating btw).

    Oh - and also I live at number 9 too!

  4. Yum Yum Yum and what a lot of fun! Looks like you really went to town and had a fabby day! It was the most beautiful wedding ever and I enjoyed every second!

    Hmmm still thinking about those sausage rolls and pork pies.

    Hey, your front door is the same colour as mine!

    Take care, Louise

  5. Hi Louise,
    thanks so much for those words!
    yes we did really well with the blanket, I'm pleased it raised so much money on EBAY.
    AND....that we won first prize.
    Thank you! for all your wonderful effort, your squares were fabulous as usual!
    I wish there was another big occasion coming up! Let's do it again! what fun!
    Hugs suex

  6. What a fantastic spread of food! It looks super!
    Lucy xxx

  7. Congratulations Louise!
    You are now going to Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft show in Liverpool!
    I am really busy at home, could you send me your address please for quickness!
    Love Suex


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