Friday, 25 February 2011


Not how I look or feel, well not today any way. This is my 100th post. Taken me about a year. Slow no?

Well we must do something about that. I am in celebratory mood. I would like to offer a give away as a shameless way of getting more comments. I do so very love them you see. Well nice ones that is. Seen a few crappy ones this week. Mostly anonymous lurkers that pop up and assassinate perfectly lovely sweet people on sweet cooking and making blogs.Now that's all I am going to say as it courts fury and that is not what this blog is about. Its only crochet and crafts, a few mostly blurry photos and some drivel.

Look what I been doin this week. They are egg cosys



It has been a joint effort. I tried knitting last year and was amazed that I could do it. This made me cocky and imagine that I could replicate this new skill. Fat chance!!! So enter Mum. I feel that I should point out that the poor woman has cataracts that need lasering and that until that happens she cant do the cross stitch I got her for Christmas. I know what  kind of bully am I? Mum did say that she knits without the need of eyes as she has been doing it for so long.. I do the sewing up and stuffing bits. I say this is the MOST important bit because she keeps asking for overtime, the cheek.


Aren’t they adorable, when I saw them I simply knew I must have them. They are for my many nephew and nieces and goddaughter and brother and son and me, so Mum has a big job on. Keep working Mum and no slacking.  IMG_0921

I have to say that so far I want to keep them all. Oh dear. You may have guessed that they are from Little cotton Rabbits, herself a victim of aunty mean on the web.


Oh hello someone is peeping in this picture.


So, giveaway. I can’t give you one of these as they are all spoken for but what I did do was attempt to copy it in crochet. I asked permission to do this and show you as even though I had used a completely different medium, it was a direct copy. I probably didn’t NEED to ask but just felt more comfortable doing this.


So for your chance to get your hands on this filled with some form of choccie egg ( not allergy free, may contain nuts, wheat, soya or even chocolate) Simply leave a comment, say hello and howdy do.

Monday, 21 February 2011

The mail MUST get through

Saturday we had snow, sorry no pictures as it came and went so quickly but was enough to delay postie till well after lunch. Did she not know I WAS WAITING FOR A PARCEL!!! None to patiently either. My dear blog sister Louise and I have exchanged handmade items for the aroung Valentines time of year.



Look at these goodies. I am in awe. Louise you are such a needlewoman. Far better than me. Your hand stitching is so neat, precise and wonderful.  You see this was the reason for this activity, we would both appreciate the work and love that goes into such gifts. Not everyone does. Plus this is such fun.

My fave is the quilt that depicts her house…







and mine


I call it Louise street




The scarf was a near identical match for what I was wearing at the time of receiving it.


 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

The felted purse!!!! OMG (as the kids say)



Lovely Louise, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and please start checking your home e-mail at weekends cos I wanted to chat!!! No worries I will bother you at work. Ha ha

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Moses supposes………

           A while ago I needed to make a rose embellishment for a secret project (which it is ok to tell about now) I had a look round and found a few ways of doing them that I thought you might like to see.
This is the first one which I found here
Here is my try. It all starts with a simple circle. 
I then made some of these based on a paper rose that I have made at  crafting class I once went to.

This also starts with a circle that you make into a spiral
Dab some glue in the centre of the circle and start to roll the spiral, gluing periodically. I push the centre out while the glue is still wet to give it shape.
Finally this rose is the simplest cut a strip of felt 10 cm by 1 cm
Roll round a cocktail stick glueing every now and then and at the end of the strip.
This last one starts with a strip too, just do a running stitch along the long side and pull up to ruffle it.
I used them here.
  IMG_0854 IMG_0851IMG_0846

In a swap with My lovely friend Louise. She has had me doubled up laughing with her e-mails. Her son wondered how I made them so there you go little J. Has the choccie all gone yet? Watch out though British chocolate will give you super powers!!!!!!

Friday, 11 February 2011

Hearts for hearts sake

I’m not a fan of V day but I do like hearts around my home and I have been making. This project could be a good one to do with children. Either by hand sewing or even gluing.IMG_0892 IMG_0871

Cut out hearts from paper, 2 of each size .IMG_0872

Lay one heart on the other and sew  up the middle don't stop keep your thread continuous IMG_0873  I varied the size of my hearts but I guess it would look lovely all one size.IMG_0875

Now fold each heart along the sewing line. Display with pride.

You may note that I have embossed my paper and also die cut them. I got a swanky tool for crimbo that does all this for me. Its a bit like a mangle (as my Dad put it) but its not necessary. I think that I’d like to add beads or something extra, maybe glitter.


I have also had a go at making these from the wonderful world of colour that is Elizabeth Cat. Elizabeth how on earth did you know!! Whilst making my spot blanket I have had multicoloured ends and saved them up. Yep weird I know. This coupled with the recent purchase of a pom pom maker. Again weird and I know how easy they are to make but this one makes them heart shaped! Too cute, or so I thought. I made one, got cocky and then had 4 disasters so my bits tin filled instantly.


If anyone has had any joy with the little bleepers can I have some help, I am clearly special needs.

Aaaaaaannnnnnnyyyy hooooooooo I have loved making these


Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekend hooky

I have been going to regular Pilates classes since July last year. I don’t think I am being dramatic when I say it has revolutionised my life. It is the only form of exercise that I truly love and that keeps me going back each week. The class is full of ladies of a certain age and they are such fun. The class teacher is a super lady whom I  admire greatly . She feels the cold so much. In the North we have a term for that, we call them “nesh” I never have this problem as I am well insulated (if you know what I mean) This lady is also very hip so I made her these legwarmers. It seems that we are all having lighting issues at the moment. Suffice to say they are black with inner twinkle. They came out bigger than I thought, I hope they fit!!!!!!
A young friend had a birthday party at the weekend so I made a gift for her in the same yarn with twinkle only pink. IMG_0843
Patterns are of course from Ravelry. The headband is over at tangled happy. Leg warmers are here

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rewards for looking up

IMG_0784 IMG_0790

A Red Kite. They are very rare but I see them every day.


The rising moon


What you miss when you don’t look up in time. Four deer (2 had gone by then) only 2 visible as specks. They were so close but I panicked plus I was attempting to stop the dog from having Venison for breakfast.


Thankyou all for your comments left for Thomas. He really appreciated them and was heard to say “I’m like famous”. I believe this to be possitive teen speak.


Also I am so glad to have spread the news about the Sarah London granny appeal. I know that several of you have hooked up a few for down under. This is the beauty of blogging for me. I have found a voice!!!! What's more people listen. Lovely.

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