Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Moses supposes………

           A while ago I needed to make a rose embellishment for a secret project (which it is ok to tell about now) I had a look round and found a few ways of doing them that I thought you might like to see.
This is the first one which I found here
Here is my try. It all starts with a simple circle. 
I then made some of these based on a paper rose that I have made at  crafting class I once went to.

This also starts with a circle that you make into a spiral
Dab some glue in the centre of the circle and start to roll the spiral, gluing periodically. I push the centre out while the glue is still wet to give it shape.
Finally this rose is the simplest cut a strip of felt 10 cm by 1 cm
Roll round a cocktail stick glueing every now and then and at the end of the strip.
This last one starts with a strip too, just do a running stitch along the long side and pull up to ruffle it.
I used them here.
  IMG_0854 IMG_0851IMG_0846

In a swap with My lovely friend Louise. She has had me doubled up laughing with her e-mails. Her son wondered how I made them so there you go little J. Has the choccie all gone yet? Watch out though British chocolate will give you super powers!!!!!!


  1. thanks ladies switched them on!!!!! Darn. Ive missed 2 comments cos of blogger. I don't get too many either. xxL

  2. Yippee! Your comments are back! Love your little hearts, they look quite easy to do. The ones you made and sent to me are just tiny and perfect. Clever you :-)

  3. Sorry about the last comment if you saw it. Some bitter screwed over man bemoaning American women who I know are great btw. Stony ground here mate!!!!

  4. Could not comment on your latest entry with the swap houses and the scarf. I loved the scarf and the little quilt houses were fantastic. What a great parcel to receive. Pretty little roses here too.


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