Monday, 7 February 2011

Weekend hooky

I have been going to regular Pilates classes since July last year. I don’t think I am being dramatic when I say it has revolutionised my life. It is the only form of exercise that I truly love and that keeps me going back each week. The class is full of ladies of a certain age and they are such fun. The class teacher is a super lady whom I  admire greatly . She feels the cold so much. In the North we have a term for that, we call them “nesh” I never have this problem as I am well insulated (if you know what I mean) This lady is also very hip so I made her these legwarmers. It seems that we are all having lighting issues at the moment. Suffice to say they are black with inner twinkle. They came out bigger than I thought, I hope they fit!!!!!!
A young friend had a birthday party at the weekend so I made a gift for her in the same yarn with twinkle only pink. IMG_0843
Patterns are of course from Ravelry. The headband is over at tangled happy. Leg warmers are here


  1. I like how your leg warmers look very burlesque like with the ribbons up the back - saucy! I've never heard of the term nesh before - if you were cold would you say "I'm nesh" or am I getting that wrong? Sometimes I am a right old dumbass with stuff like this! :)

  2. Thanks Ruth. Ooer I wasn't going for saucy. Yep you're quite right it can mean either. My Sheffield family use it. The opposite is mafted!!!

  3. How sweet of you to make these lovely gifts

  4. I LOVE the little girls headband! It's very sweet and makes me wish I had a little girl. The leg warmers are awesome, I bet your teacher will love them.

  5. OOh you are so good! I love both projects very much indeed.
    Hope things are okay your end!
    Love suex


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