Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic weekend


We have been so lucky, Mum got tickets for all of our family (there were 8 of us) to go to the Olympics. We were at Eton Dorney lake for the first day of rowing heats. We got up at 5am. Not good for a 14 year old let me tell you. His 5 year old cousin fared far better. The site was completed some years ago by Eton college (the posh school) specifically for the Olympics but also for the school to use.


Now I don't profess to know much about rowing, but I have learned a lot this weekend.IMG_2126

We were there to mop the Olympic spirit for a once in a life time opportunity.


What a fabulous day we had. It was hot and sunny, we sat on the grass and cheered and waived Union Jacks.


I swear to you I could see the rowers of team GB speed up as they passed my cheering Mother.


They were followed on the far side by several vehicles and overhead by a camera on a loooooooooong wire. the lake was 2000 meters long.


On our side of the bank various people followed the race on bikes. It was a real spectacle.


I have got to say it was a true triumph for the UK, well organised, slick and professional. I feel proud of our tiny nation for being able to stage such a momentous event (for the third time) and during a global recession. Now lets have some more medals.

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