Tuesday, 19 April 2011

round up

I sometimes wonder how I persuade anyone to come see what I’ve been up to at all. I am so envious of those bloggers who think ahead and write a blog with a focus. So here I m with a round up of what is occurring (Welsh accent optional)


Big excitement, Parcels! First my blog friend Louise and I are having too much fun for our own good swapping themed treats. Funny thing was we used the same pattern from Alice to  make 2 very different things. I will let her (if she wants too) show you what I sent as it hasn’t arrived yet.


I love it all thank you Louise. The next parcel came from Sue at SIBOL


She sent me a coaster commemorating the Royal wedding. Ahhhh.


I am in the early stages of putting together another blanket for the group. I am edging in purple and joining as I go but can’t finish it as I am making this…..


As a rush order for Mums cruise at the end of May. Sublime merino 4 ply in Gigi. Carefully chosen to go with her frocks. A fabulous and addictive free pattern with the lovely traditional pineapples. I will show you more when its all done.


I’ve also been gardening…..


Marvelling at nature…..


Sending the family off to their new homes.

I will try to do better and focus on one thing but the manic phase is upon me and I am so scattered. Aaargh.

By the way thanks for all the kind advice you guys are the best. Thomas and I are fledgling geocachers (there's one to focus on!!!)

Lovely happies to you all


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Garden leave

Here in the UK we have enjoyed unseasonably good weather. I had to to an emergency toenail paint as I abandoned my socks and put on the Berkies.


Mum and Dad came over so I was made to “get on with it Louise” Mum brought me peas, beetroot, lettuce, onion and corn. So I put them in plus some salad crops. Do you like my veggie tombstones?


We suspected some cool nights so I tucked up the peas in a little homemade fleece tent. Very Oregon trail don't you think. I used water pipe as its stiffer than hose and pushed 20 cm dowels in each end then pushed 3 of them in the soil over 2 rows of peas. I am chuffed to bobbins with them (translation: pleased)


The weather is on the turn now so I will move into the green house and pot on chilli and peppers.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the hello rabbit. It reminded me more of Miffy but I suspect my son doesn’t remember her. We are on Easter break now and I have a request. It seems you were all so good at solving my itchy eye problem (dog cast out herbal remedy taken) Do any of you have teen boys? We would like a fun project, any ideas?

Cheers lovelies, we hope the sun continues in your corner for as long as you want it.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Hello bunny

Meet my new friend. Thomas named her ‘Hello bunny’. Thought she looked a bit hello kitty. I got the instructions for her and the eggs from Greedy for colour. This blog is a good ‘un for crochet, I really love it.



Bunny is here. I’m quite addicted. I made 2 eggs during Neighbours. Amiguruwhatsit still makes me all panicky and I can only do it when everyone is out due to the counting but everything is just so cute. Happy Wednesday all of you. Anyone know anything about itchy sore eyes in the morning? Suffering here friends.



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