Monday, 26 July 2010

Anniversary weekend

We celebrated 18 years of marriage on Sunday. I’d like to tell you I was a child bride but that would be frankly wrong.

IMG_1715Mr H gave me this. Sniff sniff.

I am beginning to refer to things having “happened 20 years ago” or “ married for 18 years!” or “ before we had children 12 years ago” It must be a sign of advancing years. I’m only 42 and in my head about 18!!!! Any way we had a lovely day Mum and Dad came and we had lunch and dinner with them. After lunch  Mum and I visited a local garden  under the National garden scheme. It was Goldsborough Hall.

IMG_1716  IMG_1718

A house with royal connections and a chequered history but  being used as a Hotel today. It was lovely and obviously a work in progress.


We had a barbecue for dinner, a whole chicken, my peas and potatoes and ratatouille also done on the barbecue. I even made a pud (which I cant show because it was eaten really quickly) It was cherry clafoutis. Made with cherries from my tree.


Now I began blogging properly on 20th January and with the encouragement of so many of you I am still here. I can’t tell you how wonderful I find this, how much I appreciate and love you and how much I look forward to what happens next. I will try though. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU!!!! Especially to Sue, Sue and Louise who have been with me from the start making comments and generally being friendly and fun. Cheers Ladies.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


I’ve not been doing much of note and so haven’t been moved to blog but I’ve read plenty!!! Summer hols are on their way and like Sue at the quince tree I am looking forward to it!!!!  I only have one and he is low maintenance. If you haven’t read Sues latest entry do, its so funny and kind of exactly what I’m thinking too. I have one pre teen boy who is interested in NONE of the fabulous activities that I hear other super mums knock out on a daily basis.  I Won't go on for fear of duplicating her excellent blog. Suffice it to say I WILL be laying on compulsory cooking classes for him as per Her suggestion. Bloody good idea Sue!!



Craft wise I have made a few squares for SIBOL (you can find out about them if you follow the link at the side) I like to make squares that are for a theme and these are for the seaside theme blankets. They get stitched together by a smashing lady, Sue who then gives them to the elderly. Mmm, I know, lovely. She's made 18 so far 5x5 squares.

beach hut

I’d happily share the instructions but they're easy really.


The garden is coming on well and by that I mean the veggies. Imagine my surprise when I went ferreting. Very tiny but boy can I already taste it.



Corn IMG_1709

Beetroot IMG_1710

Broccoli, carrots and of course weeds!!


Enjoy what's left of your week and if you have holidaying children at home, good luck with that!!


Hello to you if you've never visited before you are very welcome, I love to meet new folk and chat.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Life is a bowl of cherries

IMG_1652IMG_1660 IMG_1643 Harvest begins in earnest in North Yorkshire. The cherries are destined for jam, any recipe advice would be welcomed by the way.

IMG_1638The peas we ate for Sunday lunch ( I froze a few too)  IMG_1663

and the chilli just has to look pretty for now. He does have friends but they are still on the plant.

Keeping with the cherry theme I made this to house the carrier bag that I made and posted about last time. Its the Lucy ripple in leftover granny yarn. I am off to make some more SIBOL squares now for the straw berries and cream challenge then maybe some beachy ones too I will share them later on.IMG_1664

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Thinking bout Christmas

I think about Christmas a lot and do try to get a head start on things but this takes every biscuit in the barrel. Anyway I came across this site that organised an event for the whole of July.


I paid what turned out to be £20 (sterling) $42 Aus. For that I get a new project EVERY DAY. There has not been a single one that I haven’t wanted to do. The projects are mostly sewing (it is a quilting shop after all) but they are making Christmassy things from non Christmassy fabrics which I love. I wake up every morning thinking “I wonder what I will get today” So far there has been gift bags, ornaments for the tree, a hanging, a stocking, a table runner, a wreath and a tablemat for Santa's cookies and milk. I will be sure and show you anything I make.


This plus a few other distractions have meant not much hooky. I made the union flag as a paper pieced quilting exercise. I had never done it before but its quite effective if you can get your head around it. I want to make a cushion. You know the decorative kind and not one that you let your husband lounge on. After that I knocked up a frock (as we say up here in the North) because I couldn’t get one to fit my substantial bosom. Sorry, too much information but its a real problem. I am hoping that as I lose weight they might shrink. Sorry no pics yet but I will try to show you. I have not done dressmaking for  ages but needs must.



This is my so far granny jacket that I mentioned here. I cant decide weather I love it or hate it yet. I need to persevere with it. You start with a hexagon and both me and my friend Louise  could not for the life of us work out how the heck it folded into that shape. It just does, you just have to make it and it will. Unfortunately the outer rows take more than a 50g ball so I will have to get more yarn even though I bought enough . I will show you as I progress further .

Today I mopped until  I could mop no more then I hoovered and ironed so this afternoon I played. I have made a new project bag. I used a Sainsbury carrier for my pattern. The idea came from this site and was easy to follow  although the pocket for containing the bag is no good. My fabric is too bulky. I think I will crochet a pouch for it. Watch this space


Monday, 5 July 2010

Village party

This weekend saw us indulging in a little bucolic, village garden party action. The weather threatened to turn nasty and indeed at one point it rained heavily for about a minute. Us Brits however showed true grit and continued to enjoy the Pimms and afternoon tea that was laid on for us. It was a super way to meet up with neighbours that we already know and meet a few new faces too. Smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, scones with cream and jam and a little sun, what more could we wish for? Please excuse the bunting shots, I made them and offered them for use. It seems they went down well.

IMG_1611IMG_1618    IMG_1615

Note the grumpy teen in this one. Mine I,m afraid hoodie up against the rain DS firmly in pocket.


Sunday, 4 July 2010

Happy forth to all my over pond friends




Flag flown in your honour. What do you think?

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