Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Garden tour

Yay I’m back. I know that it sounds lame but I did feel lost without the net. Oh dear, I must get out more. So here is my attempt at getting out. A few snaps of the success stories.


Butternut Squash



Tommy Tarties


Chilli flower, now a chilli.




Pretty things


Peas. I’ve had the first few, they never made it to the kitchen.


These, now in a vase invoking the most pleasant of youthful memories. The first flowers ever given to me by a man……. My Grandad. xx


Thursday, 23 June 2011

Broadband down

My broadband connection is broken and I feel lost. I am speaking to you from my phone. This might not be a good idea. I just wanted to show you my cabling efforts now finished. Sorry this is short but well you know.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy days

First of all thank you all for your lovely comments and interest in my running. I really never thought it would be for me and to be honest I really do appreciate how lucky I am to be my age and still have relatively sound knees for running. I do have issues with one from an injury in 2005 but even that is being improved. I have repeated week 3 (run 90sec walk 90 sec run 3mins walk 3 mins times 2) because I just knew I would not be able to run for 5 mins which week 4 demands. I am also resting a day between runs which is sensible n’est pas?



The summer fair went ok and I sold a few of my wares, we had a natter. I made Alice flowers can you spot them?


This week I am mostly staying home while we have renovations to the house. We are spending a fortune on nasty plastic soffits and fascia's. Well I say nasty but it actually looks smart and dead right for the type of house we have. (Not listed or particularly old) So! The rotten and potentially leaking wood is gone and so is the bank account but hey!!


The only problem now is that the windows look tired.

Thanks also for the good words on the knitting. Maria says I am bi- stitchual!! I like that. I got cocky last night and attempted to cable a square that I thought I could send to Sue. Sorry Sue its not happening yet. I am off to you tube to find out where I am going wrong. I think the book I have bought is a bit pants. It couldn’t be me could it?

Been on you tube turns out I was not doing enough rows between cable stitches. Are you laughing at me?

That's how I learn. Do it wrong first then understand why the right way is the right way.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Been knitting

My lovely Dad does woodwork as a hobby and has recently made wooden bangles, mine are in the picture. I have therefore made a hot water bottle cover for him. He has a huge amount of grass to mow and has a ride on mower, actually its more like a tractor and he can get parky at the back end of the year. He has a hottie to keep him warm there and in his workshop but it is nude my friends.


So with this in mind I decided to make one for him but in knit. I had to buy a book on how to knit to help me out. I am prepared to say now that I can knit but not well or fast. I even did the collar with DPN’s!!! Well all that sock making over at Alice's blog made me curious. Well its full of mistakes but at least I could say I can do it now. Going to have a crack at cable next. I have used Stylecraft classique cotton Its fairly new and lovely to work and comes in some nice colours.


It is the annual primary school summer fair on Saturday and I have been making a few things to sell mainly corsages  like these here. I think I would like to share this as a tutorial with you as although they do exist out there I have ironed out a few kinks and I think they look great.


As for the running please do not think that I have transformed into Paula Radcliffe over night.

I am a big girl.

I don’t want to be.

I am trying weight watchers and it used to work for me.

I am over 40 ww doesn’t work any more.

Drastic measures must be taken.

I found this programme on the NHS website. You download podcasts and play them as you go. Its a 9 week plan and it assures me that I will be able to run for 30 mins at the end. I’m not bothered about that I just want to be a healthy size. I am on week 3 and have built up to running for 3 mins!!! I told you you'd be underwhelmed. Its a run /walk programme. In week 1 I ran for 60 seconds then walked for 60 seconds while a lovely lady tells me how marvellous I am for doing it. I go down a lane where no one can see me and I come home puce and sweaty. I am amazed to say I don’t hate it and am happy to continue especially as I have lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. I promise never to mention it again and only do so now as a mental image of a wobbly old bird might make you smile. I do!!!Smile

Friday, 10 June 2011

Super woman

Do you ever have a day when you truly believe yourself to be invincible? By half 9 this morning I had hoovered the entire downstairs and mopped all the hard floors (with my steam mop, boy I love that gadget) I then went for a run, (got your attention there didn’t I?) Had a shower and set off to do some watering duty at Mums while she’s on hols.

Half an Hour into the journey I saw the Air Ambulance go in the same direction and land. Oh dear never good.

The road then closed and I was literally parked with my engine off for half an hour. The south bound traffic were worse off and I finally got passed it (without looking) once the helicopter got away. It must have been a very bad accident as the road home was still closed several hours later and I have done a long detour to avoid it. So having thought anything was possible I have achieved not as much as I had wanted, but hey, I’m home, some people won’t be saying that today.

I will let you know all about the running another day, prepare to be underwhelmed.

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