Friday, 10 June 2011

Super woman

Do you ever have a day when you truly believe yourself to be invincible? By half 9 this morning I had hoovered the entire downstairs and mopped all the hard floors (with my steam mop, boy I love that gadget) I then went for a run, (got your attention there didn’t I?) Had a shower and set off to do some watering duty at Mums while she’s on hols.

Half an Hour into the journey I saw the Air Ambulance go in the same direction and land. Oh dear never good.

The road then closed and I was literally parked with my engine off for half an hour. The south bound traffic were worse off and I finally got passed it (without looking) once the helicopter got away. It must have been a very bad accident as the road home was still closed several hours later and I have done a long detour to avoid it. So having thought anything was possible I have achieved not as much as I had wanted, but hey, I’m home, some people won’t be saying that today.

I will let you know all about the running another day, prepare to be underwhelmed.


  1. I must look in to Steam Mops, sounds good. Running! The last time I ran was when someone left the door open to the chicken coop and one of the critters got out! Of Course we all know you are Super Woman :)x

  2. Nice to know you are not neglecting the house louise :)!!!!!
    You are home safe and sound and that is the main thing.
    Love Suex
    Have a good hooking weekend! x

  3. Running!? Rather you than me - I tried it once and got to the end of the street before I really thought I was going to die - seriously!!! Never, ever again!! But well done anyway! :)

  4. Gosh I wish I'd have half the energy you had!!! And running? My I am impressed. I don't get much past a slow amble these days.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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