Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Been knitting

My lovely Dad does woodwork as a hobby and has recently made wooden bangles, mine are in the picture. I have therefore made a hot water bottle cover for him. He has a huge amount of grass to mow and has a ride on mower, actually its more like a tractor and he can get parky at the back end of the year. He has a hottie to keep him warm there and in his workshop but it is nude my friends.


So with this in mind I decided to make one for him but in knit. I had to buy a book on how to knit to help me out. I am prepared to say now that I can knit but not well or fast. I even did the collar with DPN’s!!! Well all that sock making over at Alice's blog made me curious. Well its full of mistakes but at least I could say I can do it now. Going to have a crack at cable next. I have used Stylecraft classique cotton Its fairly new and lovely to work and comes in some nice colours.


It is the annual primary school summer fair on Saturday and I have been making a few things to sell mainly corsages  like these here. I think I would like to share this as a tutorial with you as although they do exist out there I have ironed out a few kinks and I think they look great.


As for the running please do not think that I have transformed into Paula Radcliffe over night.

I am a big girl.

I don’t want to be.

I am trying weight watchers and it used to work for me.

I am over 40 ww doesn’t work any more.

Drastic measures must be taken.

I found this programme on the NHS website. You download podcasts and play them as you go. Its a 9 week plan and it assures me that I will be able to run for 30 mins at the end. I’m not bothered about that I just want to be a healthy size. I am on week 3 and have built up to running for 3 mins!!! I told you you'd be underwhelmed. Its a run /walk programme. In week 1 I ran for 60 seconds then walked for 60 seconds while a lovely lady tells me how marvellous I am for doing it. I go down a lane where no one can see me and I come home puce and sweaty. I am amazed to say I don’t hate it and am happy to continue especially as I have lost 3lbs in 2 weeks. I promise never to mention it again and only do so now as a mental image of a wobbly old bird might make you smile. I do!!!Smile


  1. I actually like hearing about your running! My own efforts at trying it were disastrous so I may have a look at the NHS thingy. If I don't try it I'll read it at least lol!!! You certainly have more staying power than me at it anyway - I am so crap at anything remotely exercisey! Laisy Maisy to the max I'm afraid!!

  2. Well I thought this at 55 Slimming World wouldn't work for me. But after my first weigh in last week I lost 3lbs! I'm over the moon and feel that I can do it again now even though I am a lot older than when I lost 4 1/2stone back in 2004. I'm even skipping in the garden!
    Love and thanks Louise for making the blanket up. I will look forward to receiving it.

  3. Oh how brave running! I am somewhat large too. Today I decided I have to do something when three of last years Summer tops didn't fit! Oh dear! I really don't think I can run. I am tempted to explore your link though. Good on ya for having a go. I don't even own scales, that may be a good start! Love the hot water bottle cover I hope your Dad was impressed. :)

  4. Well done for keep on keeping on. I do make myself go out and walk and walk but the clicketty needles or hooky weapon have much more appeal
    Kindest Regards Linda

  5. Welcome to the bi-stitchual world. You didn't start simply either with using DPN's or cables (not hard just a little fiddly) Wow your progress will be wonderful to watch
    One tiny step at a time looks as if it will work

  6. Güzel tasarımlar..tebrikler.

  7. I'm definitely very impressed with both your running and knitting efforts. Your knitting is amazing! It's so neat and looks really lovely,I bet your Dad will love it. As for the running, YOU ROCK! I too am way larger than I should be and wish I had the motivation to run p well do any exercise really. I'm definitely going to check out the NHS website and get my fat bum into gear!
    Take care,

  8. Nice hottie cover - but absolutely fab brooches - I would be buying one like a shot if you were at our school fair. (But I will happily settle for a tutorial :-) )
    I like your link to the NHS website - I am so in the same boat (except I can currently run for about 10 seconds :-( ) I am trying to find time in my life to do the Ricky Gervaise method of weight loss - I think 6am exercise videos might be in my near future...
    Keep going - it will be worth it.You should be really proud of yourself.

  9. Lovely hot water bottle cover and I really like the corsages. We have just had a Summer Fayre at my mum's school but I didn't have time to make anything this year as the exams took over!
    Lucy xx

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