Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Happy days

First of all thank you all for your lovely comments and interest in my running. I really never thought it would be for me and to be honest I really do appreciate how lucky I am to be my age and still have relatively sound knees for running. I do have issues with one from an injury in 2005 but even that is being improved. I have repeated week 3 (run 90sec walk 90 sec run 3mins walk 3 mins times 2) because I just knew I would not be able to run for 5 mins which week 4 demands. I am also resting a day between runs which is sensible n’est pas?



The summer fair went ok and I sold a few of my wares, we had a natter. I made Alice flowers can you spot them?


This week I am mostly staying home while we have renovations to the house. We are spending a fortune on nasty plastic soffits and fascia's. Well I say nasty but it actually looks smart and dead right for the type of house we have. (Not listed or particularly old) So! The rotten and potentially leaking wood is gone and so is the bank account but hey!!


The only problem now is that the windows look tired.

Thanks also for the good words on the knitting. Maria says I am bi- stitchual!! I like that. I got cocky last night and attempted to cable a square that I thought I could send to Sue. Sorry Sue its not happening yet. I am off to you tube to find out where I am going wrong. I think the book I have bought is a bit pants. It couldn’t be me could it?

Been on you tube turns out I was not doing enough rows between cable stitches. Are you laughing at me?

That's how I learn. Do it wrong first then understand why the right way is the right way.


  1. Love those flowers! Good luck with your cables. I've tried them a couple of times, but without luck. At the moment I'm so utterly fed up with my knitting skills I might have a little bonfire to burn all my needles!!

  2. Congrats on sticking with both projects, running and knitting. Sometimes the 'mistakes' are just a new way of doing things :-)
    Cables are not very hard, just fiddly - till you become experienced with the 'third' needle


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