Thursday, 23 June 2011

Broadband down

My broadband connection is broken and I feel lost. I am speaking to you from my phone. This might not be a good idea. I just wanted to show you my cabling efforts now finished. Sorry this is short but well you know.


  1. Sorry to hear about your broad band! It is a pain isn't it? Lovely cabling glad you managed to share :)

  2. Yeurgh - it makes you realise how much we rely on it for doesn't it?
    Love the cabling - it is so neat (perhaps a cabled hottie cover for your Dad for Christmas?)

  3. Nothing worse than broken broadband. Hope it's on the mend quickly.
    Your cabling is seriously fabulous!!! How the heck did you whip that up so quickly????

  4. Your knitting is just great and the wool is such a pretty blue! I don't have the patience to knit - it seems to take too long!
    Lucy xx


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