Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hooking marvellous

We all went to the lovely and Historic city of York on Saturday. We lived there for many years back when it was just me and Paul. So we always feel like we are going home even though we've had a few other homes in between. Some happy some not. Anyway as I am always with my camera I happened to snap this in the market
Don't you just want to dive in?
Its a lovely city. I would recommend it to anyone who fancies a weekend away or indeed a longer break. I have noticed that many of my visitors are American and York is popular with travellers from over the pond. Come on over, us Northern folk are reet friendly!!
I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it before but, although undiagnosed, I believe that I suffer from a form of craft mania. I craft and craft without stopping for months on end, during which I start a new project every week and finish nowt. I am in such a phase right now with loads of UFO’s in the workroom. I know what comes next and that is complete can’t be botheredness. I will get over this and I’ll be off again. Posts might be a bit lean then though. Here are a collection of the latest Ufo’s
One of them is a lovely bag that is mostly finished and only needs a handle. Any ideas for how I might make one?
wavy blankie
This is the latest, I've been wanting to start for ages and got the yarn last week. Its a lot like waves on the sea and is to go in the bedroom. I got the pattern from a wonderfully generous lady on Ravelry (where else) you can see it along with my other projects here.
Well if I finish the bag I will blog it to you later this week.
Cheerio chums.

Friday, 26 March 2010

Thankyou kindly

This morning after trawling the overnight activity of the blog I find myself truely humbled by the time busy people have taken to take a look at my doings. When I started out I really did think I'd  still be all alone in the blogsphere, but how wrong was I? The thing that I did not realise was the friendliness and interest of complete strangers (some of you not so much strangers any more) Thankyou all for  your support, for comming by and for leaving messages. I know that many people have found it hard to do so and I am at loss to know why but I know that you come and for that I am greatful and feel ontop of the world.

Say Hello to smiley Louise!!

Its Friday today and that can only mean one thing crafternoons so I will leave you with a glimpse of what I will be doing. A bag from a smallish bit of ripple curtesy of Lucy at attic 24. I got the pattern idea from this lady

Yes and that funny looking special effect was infact sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A bit on the side

I have alwys been a one hook woman, well for the last 12 years anyway. But this week my dear chums I have been tempted over to the dark, double needle side. Yes I know, I am sooo sorry but there was this lovely little bunny pattern and I wanted him sooo much. "So what if I cant knit" I thought, "I am going to do it" So I did and I m not the least bit sorry!!!!! Well enough of that, but can you at least see what the draw for this lovely creature was?

The pattern was by Debbie Birkin and worth every bit of the £2. Now as I said I was not a knitter except that time I made a bright pink batwing sweater in 1984. I only managed that because I was sitting next to my Mum and she put right all the millions of dropped stitches etc.

So, how did I get started? Youtube. I cast on , lesson one. Back to the computer. Knit a row. Back to the computer. Increase. Back to the computer. You can see how it was lots of too and froing. Now please dont get too close or zoom in, that would not be pretty but I am pleased with the result and even think I may make another.

To be honest I was very inspired by the blogger Little cotton rabbits and I so wanted a bunny but she only makes them and doesn't sell the pattern. Needless to say her creations are finite and sought after so I stand little chance but  this way I get something like and super cute or what?

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Big fish

Theres been a buzz about the Howe household my lovely and talented son Thomas was selected to take part in a rural arts session at school and look what he made!!!!! I love it sooooo much I have left it out in the dinning room so tht I can look at it. His name is Modok and can you believe he came home on the bus?!!
Its very me and I have been told that after being exhibited in the dining room gallery it will be going on permenant display in the workroom studios.

Any way his efforts have been recorded in the Knaresborough Post no less!!!

Proud and derranged Mummy moment over (for now)

On to the matter of hooky. I made this at the weekend, inspired by Valerie Whitten which I found on ravelry which I have mentioned is a great place for inspiration and I have several projects queued.

I made this one in Aran yarn. I'd never used it before. This coupled with a 6.5 hook meant that it worked up quickly. You basicly make 3 granny squares of the same size and join them folded over. I had the flowers and leaves in a box as I had been inspired by a blog that I read to manke a flower garland, but it never happened. So, i used them as I found that lovely though I thought it was the bag seemed flat.

I then lines it with denim so that my stuff wouldn't fall out. Finally there was only one thing to do and that was to stuff it with Cath Kidston and take a photo. Its quite hippy and the strap is very long and may stretch but I am a happy bunbun

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Lovely Fridays and counting sleeps

Back in the workroom gain. It rained so I didn't feel guilty about playing.

Behold my latest purchase theese scrummy yummy fabrics from Fabric rehab which I came across while browsing on paper and string blog she does clearly warn you *warning* much money will be spent! and she wasn't wrong.

Other shopping I did. More buttons for the sweetie jar. (99p Morrisons ultimate bargain)

My fave shop Duttons for buttons. Well worth a visit if ever you come to Harrogate. Its so quirky and small but the staff are sooo helpful and friendly

I started on a cusion for my sons room. Worried it might be a bit girlie.

Finally I put the fire on because I was cold and spent the afternoon making this for my darling Neice who is about to go pop with excitement at being taken to Disneyland Paris next weekend. I have long had  a family reputation for deliberately and wontonly whipping children into a frenzy prior to big occasions. I regularly start to get my son thinking about Christmas just after he goes back to School in September!!!! Mind you My brother comes a close second at the whole excitement thing and will probably have done his bit too. You are allowed to count sleeps when there are 10 left. Minnie is to help the sleeps go quicker.

The pattern I used was one I got on etsy but modified. It ws orriginally to be a cupcake

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Tissue cover

I know that I said I was going to reveal a FO in my next post but guess what? it's not F'd (sigh) No worries though because I thought that it might be nice to add the tutorial that I mentioned. The one for the tissue cover that I made for mums birthday. I know its close but you could knock one up before Sunday if you can find a spare half hour. I have made so many of these over the years for end of year gifts for teachers and Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter fairs to raise money for school. It was a design that my mum taughr t me years ago. This is my first time so be gentle with me. (As the vicar said........)

First you measure around the middle of your tissues. Oooh first appearance in my blog! Mine was 6 inches exactly. I also measured top to bottom all the way round and then halfing it, again 6 in for me so I cut out 6x6 inch of fabric.

This is how it looks wrapped around at this stage.

Now carefully measure 2 bits of bias binding for 2 edges and sew them on.I used half inch and to be honest it was fiddly. I would recommend wider or you could add extra to your fabric and turn the edge over if you aren't confident sewin on bias binding. I also zigzaged the edges to neaten them.

Mark the centre and fold the sides in to the middle right sides together.

Sew the sides together, I used half inch seams.

Turn everything the right side out and carefully slip in your tissues (removed from the packet)

Et Voila.
Now for the fun bit. Decorate!!!! Here are some ideas

Why not have a go and send me a picture. Anyone know how you do that? I would love to see how it goes. Cheerio Lx

Friday, 5 March 2010

Bunting and biscuits

Hello friends. Friday again and I am going to reveal something that I have had on the go for some time now. I was asked by a friend to make some bunting for her sons 18th and as she is such a good chum and gives me so much, I agreed. Of course I had to ” Louise” it, which means that it has glitter on it . In fact I have been throwing it around so much that as I was cuddling the dog last night I noticed that she too was adorned. 

Here it is on the cutting mat

And here in detail

Hope you like it Sara.

Also last night I had a terrible urge to make chocolate chip cookies.
So I did.

 I did my best to make it look all country cottage fabulous with my CK apron on and a smattering of Bridgewater.

 I’d love to tell you that I am a goddess of Olympian proportions but I'd be fibbin. Still my family don't do too badly. The number one son said he will be dreaming about them all day today and managed 3 last night.

I'd like to leave you with a sneaky of what might be the next blog
These are the colours of the next thing. Would they go in your colour scheme? Hmmmmm

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