Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A bit on the side

I have alwys been a one hook woman, well for the last 12 years anyway. But this week my dear chums I have been tempted over to the dark, double needle side. Yes I know, I am sooo sorry but there was this lovely little bunny pattern and I wanted him sooo much. "So what if I cant knit" I thought, "I am going to do it" So I did and I m not the least bit sorry!!!!! Well enough of that, but can you at least see what the draw for this lovely creature was?

The pattern was by Debbie Birkin and worth every bit of the £2. Now as I said I was not a knitter except that time I made a bright pink batwing sweater in 1984. I only managed that because I was sitting next to my Mum and she put right all the millions of dropped stitches etc.

So, how did I get started? Youtube. I cast on , lesson one. Back to the computer. Knit a row. Back to the computer. Increase. Back to the computer. You can see how it was lots of too and froing. Now please dont get too close or zoom in, that would not be pretty but I am pleased with the result and even think I may make another.

To be honest I was very inspired by the blogger Little cotton rabbits and I so wanted a bunny but she only makes them and doesn't sell the pattern. Needless to say her creations are finite and sought after so I stand little chance but  this way I get something like and super cute or what?


  1. That rabbit is gorgeous!! It is sooo cute! You must be very patient to learn to do that!
    Lucy xx

  2. Absolutely amazing!!! I am barely a knitter and have admired this wonderful little rabbits for ages and NEVER thought I could even attempt one. Now I might just give it a go with your technique of using the internet. I am SO impressed, she is just beautiful. Well done!

  3. ou will be inspired to make many Little rabbit is so cute I know one little lady in our house who would adore her,she is mad on rabbits,well done you!!! I tried u tubing to crochet but didn't quite get the hang of it:) I remember knitting a pink batwing top and a pale blue very square looking top using summer wool and yep it was around 1984 with my mum by my side too,so funny:) Well I'm totally in love with little rabbit,hope ymore,well done becky xx


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