Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Big fish

Theres been a buzz about the Howe household my lovely and talented son Thomas was selected to take part in a rural arts session at school and look what he made!!!!! I love it sooooo much I have left it out in the dinning room so tht I can look at it. His name is Modok and can you believe he came home on the bus?!!
Its very me and I have been told that after being exhibited in the dining room gallery it will be going on permenant display in the workroom studios.

Any way his efforts have been recorded in the Knaresborough Post no less!!!

Proud and derranged Mummy moment over (for now)

On to the matter of hooky. I made this at the weekend, inspired by Valerie Whitten which I found on ravelry which I have mentioned is a great place for inspiration and I have several projects queued.

I made this one in Aran yarn. I'd never used it before. This coupled with a 6.5 hook meant that it worked up quickly. You basicly make 3 granny squares of the same size and join them folded over. I had the flowers and leaves in a box as I had been inspired by a blog that I read to manke a flower garland, but it never happened. So, i used them as I found that lovely though I thought it was the bag seemed flat.

I then lines it with denim so that my stuff wouldn't fall out. Finally there was only one thing to do and that was to stuff it with Cath Kidston and take a photo. Its quite hippy and the strap is very long and may stretch but I am a happy bunbun


  1. Wow you have one very artistic chappie there,what an opportunity for them I bet he really enjoyed making it.Well done!!I just love your bag,love everything about it,when's your shop opening? I received my piece of material,bias binding and buttons then read your bit about the bias binding and now I'm think should I use it or not;) I ordered the cloth magazine and it recommends a budget sewing machine and I'm very tempted,can always use my daughters Birthday in April as an excuse!!beckyx

  2. I defintely led you astry on the bias binding thing. One inch would be huuuuge. I bet what you got was just right. I dont think it comes in many sizes. Please still have a go becky. L

  3. What a brilliant idea for a bag. I haven't seen a bag like that before. It looks great in blue. Your son's sculpture is great!
    Lucy xx

  4. Fantastic fish! Well done Thomas ;o)

  5. The fish is brilliant! How amazingly cool. L O V E your bag too, it's really beautiful.

  6. This purse is soooo cute - thanks for the idea. :)


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