Friday, 26 March 2010

Thankyou kindly

This morning after trawling the overnight activity of the blog I find myself truely humbled by the time busy people have taken to take a look at my doings. When I started out I really did think I'd  still be all alone in the blogsphere, but how wrong was I? The thing that I did not realise was the friendliness and interest of complete strangers (some of you not so much strangers any more) Thankyou all for  your support, for comming by and for leaving messages. I know that many people have found it hard to do so and I am at loss to know why but I know that you come and for that I am greatful and feel ontop of the world.

Say Hello to smiley Louise!!

Its Friday today and that can only mean one thing crafternoons so I will leave you with a glimpse of what I will be doing. A bag from a smallish bit of ripple curtesy of Lucy at attic 24. I got the pattern idea from this lady

Yes and that funny looking special effect was infact sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Louise, lovely to see you,I don't usually get to go on the computer during the day but am booking tickets to the outdoor show in Brum.I have clearly neglected my blog(naughty naughty)!but it is so nice getting comments and I so enjoy reading what everyone is up to and to see people's bogs like yours blossom.I sent some tea to a blog friend as she was doing an Earl Grey tasting post,it is funny how complete strangers over a short time develop sincere friendships.I should of said on the last post hope you will be making lots of the little bunnies they are adorable!I am going to start the tissue cover tonite;) thank you for brightening my days certainly when the sun has been tucked away when I read lovely blogs like yours the sun seems to shine through!Happy crafternoon,Louise,beckyxx

  2. Hi Louise, what a lovely picture!I love looking at my blog stats too. can't really understand most of them mind you, but love the map and am foever exclaiming to C 'someone in Madras/Paris/Wisconsin is reading my blog!'which is more than he does. It is humbling isn't it? I'm a bit worried that something has gone wrong with the comments on my blog as I've only had one on my last post. Goodness that sounds a bit self-centred, I do apologise.
    Sue x

  3. Hi Louise,

    I love popping by your blog. It's a great read.
    I call "comments" that people leave for me "fan mail" !! Husband says, "what are you doing love?" I reply "reading my fan mail," and it makes me feel good!!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. Much appreciated and good to have you on board! I am honoured.
    Ali x

  4. Try leaving a comment its easy!!!!


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