Friday, 5 March 2010

Bunting and biscuits

Hello friends. Friday again and I am going to reveal something that I have had on the go for some time now. I was asked by a friend to make some bunting for her sons 18th and as she is such a good chum and gives me so much, I agreed. Of course I had to ” Louise” it, which means that it has glitter on it . In fact I have been throwing it around so much that as I was cuddling the dog last night I noticed that she too was adorned. 

Here it is on the cutting mat

And here in detail

Hope you like it Sara.

Also last night I had a terrible urge to make chocolate chip cookies.
So I did.

 I did my best to make it look all country cottage fabulous with my CK apron on and a smattering of Bridgewater.

 I’d love to tell you that I am a goddess of Olympian proportions but I'd be fibbin. Still my family don't do too badly. The number one son said he will be dreaming about them all day today and managed 3 last night.

I'd like to leave you with a sneaky of what might be the next blog
These are the colours of the next thing. Would they go in your colour scheme? Hmmmmm


  1. Wow the bunting looks great, your doggie is soooo cute!! :D i also had an urge to make chocolate chip cookies!! delish!
    have a nice weekend.
    Lucy xx

  2. The bunting just looks fab,she will love it!My cookies always turn out enormous but whatever the size they all get eaten.Love your"make it look all country cottage fabulous with my CK apron on and a smattering of Bridgewater." you sound like me!!Made me laugh!I am intrigued to know what your up to in next blog entry.Happy Weekend,beckyx

  3. Love the bunting! The cookies look delicious! I wish I could fend off my family long enough to take a photo of cookies when I make them. ☺ Looking forward to seeing your next project.


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