Friday, 26 February 2010

Make it Friday

Fridays were always my me day and I used to make and do in the afternoons. I called them crafternoons. However the afternoon has streched to all day today oh FUN. I started with a little paper hankie holder I think it looksFrench / Nautical/ Patriotic. They only take an hour and scraps. Maybe I'll do a tutorial. Anyway see what you think.

Anyway after that I went on to make a lavender pillow similar to the one I made Mum, from the same book in fact. However changes had to be made because I find it hard to come by the lovely vintagey colours of felt that they seem to use so much in the US. Here it is being made ... I used silk for the central pannal

and here all done.

I am very pleased to say the least. Beads are the glitter of the sewing world. I hope you like it.
Thanks to all those people finding the time to check out my blog, its a reall boost to see that others like and then send supportive comments about my doings. Cheers and Happy Friday.


  1. The tissue holder is lovely, I adore the buttons. The little pillow is absolutely beautiful! I really admire your embroidery and sweet beading work. Have a great weekend!

  2. wow they are both gorgeous,a tutorial would be fab!!I would love to be able to make something,your blog is very inspirational thank you,I love the idea of crafternoons!! becky

  3. Hello, thank you for visiting my blog and for your birthday wishes!
    It was a super surprise! Your God Daughter's name rings a bell but I do not know her personally. I will ask my friends at school if they know of her. I will be visiting your blog from now on because it looks very inspirational!
    Lucy xx


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