Monday, 8 February 2010

Must do better

I have been wanting nay trying to share what I do craftwise but failing horribly. You see its knowing where to start as I want to include things that I have done in the past (there is quite alot) All of this has confused me into not knowing where to begin. So ignoring Julie Andrews, I will not start at the very begining but do the opposite and start with what I have on the go. my WIP (work in progress) if you like.

This is the project I am most excited about even after 4 weeks. I found another blog and definately liked what I saw it was the inspirational attic24 I love everything avbout this blog and only hope that I am half so entertaining
I made the birdie from her instruction too. I am going to make lots more too.birdie 
The heart garland was
skip to my lou I will be making more of this for valentines so watch this space
These are also recent craft seshes. Mmmmmmmm


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