Thursday, 11 February 2010

ta daah

Well here it is at last. Perhaps now I am a finisher and not a maker of UFO's. Woe betide anyone who dares to sit on it at any picnic cos it'll be there last!! Mwa mwa mwahahahaha (evil laughter for effect)

Am I sad for being so in love with this blankie that I take it to bed so that it will be the first thing that I see in the morning?
Thougt so.......

I'd like to tell you that its a scrap blankie made entirely from stash busters but 3 trips to the only yarn shop I can find might tell you otherwise.
Don't tell blankie but he started life being destined for Ebay or some such other place in order to finance the next big thing. I'm in love now and we will never be parted. Never do you hear?


  1. What a beautiful blanket I love it! You have such a talent magic fingers!! The colours go so well together a gorgeous piece of craft. Francesca xx

  2. Hello from another Louise!
    Lovely hex blanket, the colours are beautiful. No wonder you don't want to part with it, I wouldn't either! Well done.


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