Thursday, 30 September 2010

Curry Night

I heard on the TV that most people who regularly cook for their families have a repertoire of 7  recipes that they regularly trot out. I had a think and felt like I may have become a bit samey. SO, with the help of Good food magazine I got cooking. Vegetable curry.

Now, I’m not a bad cook but I do have a style. If you come for dinner you will get something that looks after itself while I spend time with you pretty much drinking wine and laughing. Not for me the endless hours in the kitchen pan frying, I’ll do it all beforehand. Don’t get me wrong I am going to go all out for you and yes we will have 3 courses and more wine. If you’re not full and drunk I’m not happy. So I am some what of a siege cook. I tend to cook once feed 12. The freezer is my friend. I guess you’d call them ready meals, which my lovely brother would shudder at. Cooked from scratch by my fair hand? I often have 2 sittings to contend with (modern life) and some days I don’t even want to eat let alone get creative.


Eating veggie always involves so much chopping.


Aubergine, squash and potato in 2 tbsp tikka masala paste


Sauce made with onion, coconut and tomato.


Courgette and my own peppers added.










Plop away then cartoned up for another day. We will have some tonight with rice and homemade nans . I also tried a recipe I found in an old magazine I found while tidying. It was a Christmassy one, spiced mixed nuts. They taste lovely and will keep for a month.


Yesterday was bouncing down with rain so I was at home and have made sweet corn relish. Boy it does not look good but tastes lovely and goes well with a barbecue burger. Sally (dog) and I will put on the fire and hook after we have done the ironing. Hope you enjoy your day. Stay cosy peeps.


Tuesday, 28 September 2010


Well!!!! It certainly feels good to know that I am amongst such like minded peeps in that there will be no problems prattling on about Christmas. Indeed many of you are already code red (white and green) excitement and preparation wise. Good ! Speaking of people that are here, Hello!, to all my friends who regularly swing by, to any new commenter's and to those of you who, I KNOW are there but don’t say much, welcome. You all make my day, in fact life so thank you oh so much. Ooo and to the lady on Ravelry who found out about the scarf project here and is trying to whip up interest at your knit and chatter group, an especially warm welcome.
This weekend was pretty busy and I managed a few snaps. Friday shopping in Harrogate, I saw this. Gorgeous in its own rite but the name on the side!!!!! Lulabelle!!! My mum calls me that, in fact its my flickr name too. I just love these little things. This one was a sarnie shop.
Anyway we went to Leeds city centre on Saturday (comic book shop visit) The place is huge and rambling and full of Victorian shopping Arcades, I guess the modern day equivalent of a Mall. This one has always been a favourite, the shops are quite posh too. Lovely though don’t you think?
Sunday had us at a family Lunch in Huddersfield. My niece has gone away to college to train to be a doctor. We are all so proud and excited for her. I remember her at my wedding, she wasn’t even walking.
My scarf is finished now and I am planning a blog post dedicated to its journey to York where it will be used to raise money for breast cancer care. I am waiting for Louise's scarf to arrive before I do that. Its going to be a thank you / reward to her for taking part.
On top of that I have been frenziedly making squares for the Christmas blanket. I am beyond excited about it and get up each day at 6 ish to do a square. This is the pile so far.
Off to hook more then Veg curry for dinner. I need something warm as the weather has gone backendish (Yorkshire term for Autumnal. All this and culture too!!!)

I am having bother with blogger. If you struggle to leave a message, refresh the page and try again. It worked for me.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

On the Hook

I am happy to announce a period of manic crocheting. This always happens, a time of so many ideas, so many starts, some finishes. I made these for a dear friends birthday. She is a hardworking childminder and I thought fingerless gloves would be infinitely practical for her. That being the case I HAD to make them super pretty. They aught to cheer up a pokey old winters day. I have made myself some too, They are similar to Lucy at attic 24. Just make a square, seam it and leave a thumb hole.

rainbow mits

I then went on to thinking about my favourite time of year *whisper* (Christmas) I know a lot of people cant bear the thought of it but I figure if I can be positive about the C time then we can all give it a go (2 house moves and pre eclampsia, not the same year!!) Actually I much prefer the preparations and I am known county wide (and hated) for being a champion, whipper upper of children's excited frenzy. Christmas lists are allowed to start just after Christmas!!! Anyhoo I wanted a blankie that was just for the season (y’now tree day to New Year) So I started this, bsed on  square I made for SIBOL. They are made on 5.5 hook so they are quick and big. I think I will make 24, we’ll see. The pattern is free and Here.


I also have plans for a little something to make for Tree decorations which I plan to share with you on my bloggiversary in a few weeks, more on that later.

Its been  busy day, pooly child, dog rolled in something awful, wsahed, ironed mopped, showered me, showered the dog, showered the dog again. So I guess I will sleep well. Have a great rest of week,


Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn days


Well guess what I did yesterday? Mmm apple chutney. My neighbour gave me bagfuls of the most juicy cooking apples which I transformed into chutney. Looks glam huh? The reality is this….


So much work


So much stirring


The results are here.


Chutney mountain

A little hooky

IMG_0193  Some picking (these are eaters and so juicy)


   Contemplating apple and elderflower jam


The morning dog walk, it felt good to be alive.



Saturday, 18 September 2010


  Well my dear sweet friends, I had intended to blog this on Friday but I had a bit of a day, more of that later……

First off Hellooooooooo  to all the new people who are so kind as to swing by. You are so welcome here!!

This week I thought I’d show you the other nearest town to me and that's Harrogate. The Brits might know that Harrogate is posh ( I think it is) full of posh people in Aston Martins. Not me happily but I’m thinking you knew that already. It is rambling and you have to walk alot to get anywhere but there is much to see. 


My bestest favourite place to be is here. Betty's tearooms. Its huge but very English and proper. Yummy food and a deli/bakery shop. When you come to visit we will go there together!! or maybe a virtual visit sometime soon.

Ive not done the place justice but I was shopping and I am so rubbish at it so I was stressed.

On Friday I had planned a wonderful crafternoon and just like Jane I planned to clean madly in the a.m and then feel less guilty playing in the p.m. I volunteer for a charity as treasurer so I got the books up to date filing a return at companies house only to be attacked by the guy who runs the thing and all because I wanted to leave. He poured so much pressure on me to stay with such unpleasantness I felt as if I was being held hostage. So instead of staying until the end of October I am glad to say my hands are washed of the whole awful situation and I am no longer obligated to the man.

Sorry that was a rant, don’t read it!! anyway I felt physically sick (still do a bit) and so crafternoon was no more. I rallyed though and finished this.


Oh how I love the VW camper. This is styled on the 1967 split screen version or splitty as they a referred to sometimes. One day maybe.

I am feeling more like me now I have made some squares for SIBOL. My grandma always told me to count my blessings (she was Methodist) and thinking about others has definitely taken my mind off me!!


My lovely boy is sleeping over tonight so guess what me and Mr LouLou are doing? Minds out of sewers please, we are going out to eat!!! ALONE!! No DSi no comic books or endless conversations bout Hulk vs Ironman. Skippity skip weeeeeeeee. Have a lovely evening be it family or no, join me in a glass of wine maybe,

Cheers friends



Thursday, 16 September 2010

FO Wavey Davey

IMG_0163 IMG_0157 IMG_0155

Its done and so am I. Isn’t it amazing what a bit of shame will do for you. Soooooooooo many thanks to all the people who had such lovely and supportive words of wisdom to add to my momentary wobble. It turns out that “the corner” where bad girls go, was quite literally full of bad girls and so a happy time was had by all. I have never enjoyed the naughty step so much!!!

Last nigh the Mr H went to collect Mum and Dad from the airport so I hooked like the wind. He had commented “How much bigger is it going to be” Obviously perturbed.

IMG_0158 I think that it looks like waves, of course I have had to buy new bedding and will need new cushions but hey what price FO’s?

Oh joy!! I am going to carry this forward tomorrow as it is crafternoon day and attempt 2 more FO’s and then I will attempt something NEW!!!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Mount youfoe

As requested my lovely friends, behold my shame………………..IMG_0144

Here are a selection of the latest ufo’s. My most spectacular ufo is as old as my son and I believe that the statute of limitations has passed on that one.IMG_0145

These are some finished christmassy things that just need to be put together into a thing or something.


This is a yarn  eater cardigan  made for a friends baby, a bit fussy maybe. Just needs finishing. The baby is 2 so it wouldn’t fit her. I did finish another jacket so don’t go thinking I let babies shiver.


A toddler shrug for my niece ( she starts school soon) It has sequins and beads and is gorgeous. Only needs a cuff, more beads and buttons. Embarrassed about that one.


This is some crewel work I did and want to make a cushion. I have the innards ready for it. Just need to do it. Hmmmmm…..


There is also the union flag blankie, granny jacket, socks (they're hard), wavy scarf (nearly done how's yours Louise?), wavy bag,baby blanket ((more chilly babies), 2 Christmas table runners and Wavy Davey the bedroom blankie that I will tah dah soon and feel better about myself as I feel pretty ashamed just now. I’m off to stand in the corner, look sad and say doh.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Suddenly Friday

What can I say? Where did the week go? I have just passed a hoover round. I know, that’ll do. I have also just taken stock of the truly awesome UFO MOUNTAIN that I have accumulated and I have decided NO MORE!!!! between NOW and Christmas I will be a finisher and that means NO NEW PROJECTS. I have to be hard on myself as I have the worlds worst case of startitis. Its not a problem, I can quit anytime, the lounge just needs a ripple blankie for the winter nights. No Lou NO. So today being crafternoon day and me being housebound (hubby car broken again) I am sitting in me PJ’s crocheting and watching TV I may even have naughty bikkies


I am catching up with this as I have ordered new bedding (waiting in for it now) and it is going to look lovely together. I am so envious of all of you with the tadah moments that I want one too.

Incidentally SIBOL is not a new project, neither are the socks that I started yesterday, the mandala bag that Louise MADE me do,the breast cancer scarf or the legwarmers that I am making for my Pilates teacher. I had the ideas for these before the self imposed new embargo.


Have a good weekend, I hope to return on Monday with a progress update. Wish me luck….


PS Louise I know you didn’t MAKE me do the bag but you did make it look so inviting!!!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Fountains Abbey

Carrying on the  “where I live theme” this is where we went on bank holiday Monday. Granted it is fancy and I will do a more everyday one next, but, we love it here and being a National trust property we get in free as we are members. Its not far away either so we have been known to go after dinner in the Autumn when the buildings are floodlit and there is Gregorian chant music being played. Spooky and atmospheric


   IMG_0055 IMG_0056 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0062 IMG_0063 IMG_0066IMG_0069IMG_0065   IMG_0070

It lends itself nicely to black and white photos. Its falling down a lot now as most of the masonry has been robbed out for other purposes, barns dry stone wall and even a staircase in this manor house also on the site.


My friend was recently married here

There are gardens adjoining the Abbey with grand lakes and follies. Much of it is being refurbished at the moment and one huge lake where we had hoped to feed the ducks was totally drained and in the process of being refilled, it was going to take all week!!



I hope that you have enjoyed my pictures, its well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Were you right Mrs Twins? Did you guess correctly?

Happy weekend to all of you, we are off to Newcastle to a Doctor Who exhibition. I actually quite like them, I am up to 4 now!!!!

Hugs and cheerio's


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