Thursday, 30 September 2010

Curry Night

I heard on the TV that most people who regularly cook for their families have a repertoire of 7  recipes that they regularly trot out. I had a think and felt like I may have become a bit samey. SO, with the help of Good food magazine I got cooking. Vegetable curry.

Now, I’m not a bad cook but I do have a style. If you come for dinner you will get something that looks after itself while I spend time with you pretty much drinking wine and laughing. Not for me the endless hours in the kitchen pan frying, I’ll do it all beforehand. Don’t get me wrong I am going to go all out for you and yes we will have 3 courses and more wine. If you’re not full and drunk I’m not happy. So I am some what of a siege cook. I tend to cook once feed 12. The freezer is my friend. I guess you’d call them ready meals, which my lovely brother would shudder at. Cooked from scratch by my fair hand? I often have 2 sittings to contend with (modern life) and some days I don’t even want to eat let alone get creative.


Eating veggie always involves so much chopping.


Aubergine, squash and potato in 2 tbsp tikka masala paste


Sauce made with onion, coconut and tomato.


Courgette and my own peppers added.










Plop away then cartoned up for another day. We will have some tonight with rice and homemade nans . I also tried a recipe I found in an old magazine I found while tidying. It was a Christmassy one, spiced mixed nuts. They taste lovely and will keep for a month.


Yesterday was bouncing down with rain so I was at home and have made sweet corn relish. Boy it does not look good but tastes lovely and goes well with a barbecue burger. Sally (dog) and I will put on the fire and hook after we have done the ironing. Hope you enjoy your day. Stay cosy peeps.



  1. Love your description of your meals and know exactly what you are talking about. Australian kitchens are usually open, so guests chat while I "have to" be in there. And there is always a glass of wine on hand, "medicinal purposes" only.
    Or as the saying goes along the lines of "the cook has to check that the wine tastes ok before it goes in the meal or with the meal" ☺ ☺

  2. ha ha ha SEVEN meals!!!! I hate to admit that i have about 4.... one of them is a crock pot of vege soup which lasts us 3 nights! (Poor KB)
    I love your description of your dinner parties... sounds fun, I'll invite myself over one day!!! (you're safe on the other side of the planet!)
    Have a lovely weekend XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  3. I wish I could be that organized! I am hopelessly unorganized when it comes to cooking, hence the reason I'm not good at it! Love the sound of your dinner parties....I think I would really enjoy those :-)
    Love your vege curry recipe, have to give that one ago.
    Have a great weekend!


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