Friday, 10 September 2010

Suddenly Friday

What can I say? Where did the week go? I have just passed a hoover round. I know, that’ll do. I have also just taken stock of the truly awesome UFO MOUNTAIN that I have accumulated and I have decided NO MORE!!!! between NOW and Christmas I will be a finisher and that means NO NEW PROJECTS. I have to be hard on myself as I have the worlds worst case of startitis. Its not a problem, I can quit anytime, the lounge just needs a ripple blankie for the winter nights. No Lou NO. So today being crafternoon day and me being housebound (hubby car broken again) I am sitting in me PJ’s crocheting and watching TV I may even have naughty bikkies


I am catching up with this as I have ordered new bedding (waiting in for it now) and it is going to look lovely together. I am so envious of all of you with the tadah moments that I want one too.

Incidentally SIBOL is not a new project, neither are the socks that I started yesterday, the mandala bag that Louise MADE me do,the breast cancer scarf or the legwarmers that I am making for my Pilates teacher. I had the ideas for these before the self imposed new embargo.


Have a good weekend, I hope to return on Monday with a progress update. Wish me luck….


PS Louise I know you didn’t MAKE me do the bag but you did make it look so inviting!!!


  1. Ha Ha Lou, you are just like me! :-P Enjoy them all.
    Caz :)

  2. Love the colours and pattern of this UFO , great we are going to see more of it soon :0)
    Jacquie x

  3. Oh my this post made me laugh so hard!!!!! I swear I could have written this exact same post myself!!! My poor brain is in a jumble trying to stop myself starting new projects. I must do like you and commit to finish the 5 or 6 or 7 (too many) projects I already have going!
    LOVE your new header!
    Have a fab weekend,
    PS - Can't wait to see your bag!!! Sorry, I knew I shouldn't have made you start that bag....... :-)

  4. Hello Louise,
    I have unfinished projects too. I started a shawl, I started a stool cover in between blankets. But done no more....
    Thanks so much for stopping by SIBOL and the wonderful comments.
    Very much appreciated. I am still on such a hig!
    love Suex

  5. OK Louise!
    I think I would love to see a post showcasing all of your UFO's... in fact, I CHALLENGE you to fess up!!!!
    p.s it's easy to have ta daa moments when you're not knitting socks or making blankets!!!
    Can't wait to see the bag!

  6. Love the colours in the blanket, can't wait to see more progress with that. And projects for a charity, especially with a deadline, are always allowed ☺
    Now please line up all the UFO's you are commited to finishing and show us


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