Monday, 21 February 2011

The mail MUST get through

Saturday we had snow, sorry no pictures as it came and went so quickly but was enough to delay postie till well after lunch. Did she not know I WAS WAITING FOR A PARCEL!!! None to patiently either. My dear blog sister Louise and I have exchanged handmade items for the aroung Valentines time of year.



Look at these goodies. I am in awe. Louise you are such a needlewoman. Far better than me. Your hand stitching is so neat, precise and wonderful.  You see this was the reason for this activity, we would both appreciate the work and love that goes into such gifts. Not everyone does. Plus this is such fun.

My fave is the quilt that depicts her house…







and mine


I call it Louise street




The scarf was a near identical match for what I was wearing at the time of receiving it.


 IMG_0948 IMG_0949

The felted purse!!!! OMG (as the kids say)



Lovely Louise, Thank you, from the bottom of my heart and please start checking your home e-mail at weekends cos I wanted to chat!!! No worries I will bother you at work. Ha ha


  1. Wow! The scarf looks fabulous on you! I'm so glad everything finally arrived and that you even liked the chocolate - that was my biggest risk!!! Of course, it does not even begin to compare with yummy english chocolate *YUM*.
    Will promise to try and check home email more often on the weekend, of course I'm chained to my work email 24/7 with Blackberry, so that works on the weekends too!
    Thanks for enjoying this little swap with me, can't wait to do the next one.
    Take care,
    Blog-Sister Louise :-)

  2. Louise,
    I thought i'd left a comment, so sorry if it didn't go through.
    Goodness me isn't Louise a talented Lady. I really love your gift Louise.
    I bet this really made your morning!
    Hugs Suex


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