Friday, 11 February 2011

Hearts for hearts sake

I’m not a fan of V day but I do like hearts around my home and I have been making. This project could be a good one to do with children. Either by hand sewing or even gluing.IMG_0892 IMG_0871

Cut out hearts from paper, 2 of each size .IMG_0872

Lay one heart on the other and sew  up the middle don't stop keep your thread continuous IMG_0873  I varied the size of my hearts but I guess it would look lovely all one size.IMG_0875

Now fold each heart along the sewing line. Display with pride.

You may note that I have embossed my paper and also die cut them. I got a swanky tool for crimbo that does all this for me. Its a bit like a mangle (as my Dad put it) but its not necessary. I think that I’d like to add beads or something extra, maybe glitter.


I have also had a go at making these from the wonderful world of colour that is Elizabeth Cat. Elizabeth how on earth did you know!! Whilst making my spot blanket I have had multicoloured ends and saved them up. Yep weird I know. This coupled with the recent purchase of a pom pom maker. Again weird and I know how easy they are to make but this one makes them heart shaped! Too cute, or so I thought. I made one, got cocky and then had 4 disasters so my bits tin filled instantly.


If anyone has had any joy with the little bleepers can I have some help, I am clearly special needs.

Aaaaaaannnnnnnyyyy hooooooooo I have loved making these



  1. I love your paper hearts especially!

  2. I love your paper hearts especially!

  3. Beautiful! I love that swirly red paper you have used in the first one. What a great idea for using up scraps could work with fabric snips too!

  4. Thanks boxoftricks, you are right, I think little snips of fabric would look lovely too!

  5. Wow! Fantastic post Louise,
    I just love the ideas on here today!
    Nice to put these little ends to some use too!
    Love Suex

  6. Lovely hearts, they are very sweet. Quite jealous of the little machine you have to cut them out so perfectly.
    Can you tell me how you added the thingy to your comments that allows you to reply? It looks very clever.

  7. Ooohhh!!! I love those scrap hearts. I must have some. Another fun yarn craft to do with the little people. Thanks for sharing these!

  8. Hi Louise! I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award to you! You can go to my blog and read about it there. Play along if you want to. I love your heart mobiles you made, esp. the red embossed paper. Happy day to you, Annie


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