Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Rewards for looking up

IMG_0784 IMG_0790

A Red Kite. They are very rare but I see them every day.


The rising moon


What you miss when you don’t look up in time. Four deer (2 had gone by then) only 2 visible as specks. They were so close but I panicked plus I was attempting to stop the dog from having Venison for breakfast.


Thankyou all for your comments left for Thomas. He really appreciated them and was heard to say “I’m like famous”. I believe this to be possitive teen speak.


Also I am so glad to have spread the news about the Sarah London granny appeal. I know that several of you have hooked up a few for down under. This is the beauty of blogging for me. I have found a voice!!!! What's more people listen. Lovely.


  1. My "looking up" time is usually at my kitchen window when I'm washing up or making a cup of tea. From the kitchen window I always see the moon rise and just lately you can always hear me exclaim "ooh isn't it big"?! I am of course referring to the moon (nothing else ;)) It just seems to be so large of late which just makes it even more beautiful!

  2. Nice to see the days changing at last! Better day today.
    Great photos Louise,
    Hugs Suex

  3. The sun is shining here today so I love looking up!


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