Friday, 3 December 2010

10 things

Firstly thanks to Louise for giving me an award. I am a wee bit ignorant of this sort of stuff but I think it involves me telling 10 thing which you might not know. I am happy to do this so here goes…..

1.I have a degree in Biology.

2. I suffer from lack of self confidence.(blogging is helping)

3. I love the music of The Cure an d Bonjovi.(eclectic wouldn’t you think?Doesn’t stop my ipod being full of police and queen though)

4. My first name Is Sarah.(this has been the bane of my life and its all your fault Mum!!!) I have NEVER  been known by this name except at the doctors/bank/exams.

5.  I hate reality TV.(Does strictly come under that title? I quite like that)

6. I used to be a brewery tour guide.

7.I can do double entry bookkeeping (Yaaaaaawwwwwwnnnnnn)

8. I hate brussel sprouts (not a good time of year for me) This is also my Mothers fault as I HAD to have at least one at dinner.My Mum is my best friend. (just in case you were thinking that She wasn’t)

9. I once visited the set of Coronation street as a  friend of the producer (my grandmas next-door neighbours son)

corrie017 From l to r, Mervin (producer), Mike Baldwin, Betty Lynch, Rita Fairclough, can’t remember, Oh heck cant remember her either and Mavis.

10 I am awful at travelling. I wish I was better at it. You know a free spirit, throw a pair of knickers in a bag and go sort of girl? I find the journey home can ruin the entire holiday for me. Consequently I am a home bod( 2 for one there!!)


Things remain achingly pretty here as the snow has now given way to twinkly frost.




I tried so hard to capture the twinkle, to no avail. If anyone knows the trick could you let me know? I am all geared up for a Christmas fair on Saturday. I have made a few bits to sell. My puddings for one. I find the fair disappointing usually as people don’t want to pay what things are worth.


We will be putting up the tree this weekend so I will have much to share next week. To all those who are quailing at the very idea I say “Bof” I learned this while helping T with his French homework, it means “whatever” apparently. I am only kidding by the way. I really don’t expect everyone to be as daft as I am.


Have an extremely wonderful weekend!!! Fa la la la la la la la la.


  1. Congratulations on the award Louise . Great facts . Love your description "achingly pretty "
    That is just how I feel, the sun is shining on the frozen world here today and it's just so stunning- better than any man made Christmas decorations.
    I noticed how sparly the snow was last night , so hard to capture in a photograph .
    Hope the fair gies well .
    Jacquie x

  2. Oh your snow is lovely! I wish we had some here, just enough to make thinks pretty and white, but not to mess up the roads - too much Christmas shopping to do.
    We have our tree up already, but I think it's an american thing to put it up right after Thanksgiving. I'll probably be sick of it by Christmas Day!
    Good luck at the fair!! I wish we had those sorts of things on this side of the pond.
    P.S. Sarah??? You are clearly not a Sarah. What was your Mum thinking?

  3. Congratulations on the award, love your facts and your photos!

  4. Nice to meet you Louise. Thank's for visiting my blog!Congrats on the Award!

  5. I just found your blog and it's great.

    The people you can't remember the names of in your Corrie photo are...

    ...I can't remember the man's name, but he was married to Mavis. And the woman is Alma Sedgewick, she married Mike Baldwin and died of cancer in the programme.

  6. DEREK! His name was Derek. That would have bugged me all night. LOL.

  7. Thanks Jacqui, that was killing me too. I got the Alma bit but couldn't remember the rest!!! You are very welcome here. Nice to meet you!!

  8. DEREK! His name was Derek. That would have bugged me all night. LOL.


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