Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Weekend family things

I am loving the comments that you are leaving at the moment. for those of you that don’t get snow stay tuned I think I may be able to help!!! I have finally dug the car out and the plow and a gritter reached us by about 1.30 pm so I have parked my car at the top of the drive. My DH has had to put his car down the hill in the village. It has started again now and we expect more overnight. Ho hum more digging for  the morning. Still, we have managed sledging and DH managed to get to the kennels and collect the dog. How so kennels for dog? I her you say. Well, we went away for our annual extended family break in the woods.


This our lodge after pretty snow on Friday evening. Very Christmassy don’t you think? We get together and eat and drink, swim, play and have fun. It goes by so quickly. We set off early to avoid potential poor weather and boy am I glad we did. We were fine up until the last few miles where it dumped a load of snow on us. It was frightening.


The journey home had been so lovely. We were glad to be home in one piece!! Other family members had not seen a flake travelling in the west  to W Yorks

IMG_0460   IMG_0462

So , this was part of the reason that I was away from my dear blog. This and my setting myself impossibly short deadlines for projects meant that I had little time. I did manage to fit in a visit to the Knit and Stitch show in Harrogate on Thursday. I really need someone at the end of the phone at such events to “talk me down” as I get so excited that I really think I am having some kind of attack.


There were so many lovely things, I just love this cushion!!!


This is beadwork which I have done in the past, I should put some pictures here. I had a lovely chat with the lady on this stall and the tatting circle stall. I learned to tatt in honour of my paternal Grandmother as I had already learned to crochet in honour of my Maternal Grandmother.

 IMG_0447Chatting is a major part of these events and the place was full of like minded mostly women (some had dragged along taken their husbands – why?) The above quilt was so inspirational and made from Liberty prints. Don’t you just want to eat it? Anyway I bought a few things, (some have gone to Santa) Got some gifts for friends and some Christmas projects so watch this space!!!


I have noticed that my sixtieth follower has joined recently and I would like to welcome every new person here and thank you all from the bottom of my heart. This whole blog project has given me so much. Both friendship and returning self confidence so thank you all, I owe you so much.

I am hoping now that things could get back to some kind of slower pace but its the school Christmas fete on Saturday so not much chance.!! I am making more puds. IMG_0315

Have any more tried them? Manda and Ruth have and I have LOVED seeing them all so different and with so many new ideas. A successful project I think. Bye for now, Back later with more stuff,



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  1. You cut yourself short with some deadlines but I bet it was well worth it. The drive home looked so pretty!


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