Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Final Christmas decoration


Well here it is, if you can bear it, the final crochet sweetie holder. This one will hold whatever small sweeties that you have and the pattern can be found here. As you can see the layout has gone completely and horribly wrong. I have  deliberately left it like that to stand as a lesson to me of what happens when I go beyond my abilities as a techie.


Such is life!! I was reading Sue of the Quince tree the other day where she detailed a typical day. It read like something out of country homes magazine. If you are reading this Sue it gave me a warm feeling and something to aim for!! My day had, you see , somewhat contrasted with that day. Suffice to say it had involved dispatching mice that the dog had “played with” into the farmers field on a spade and washing her paws in the sink a lot. Today I am having a pre Christmas clean of the lounge, you know the kind, move the furniture and hoover until you sweat. Ah yes I know how to have a good time. Well I have rested enough so its back to the dust bunnies and dog hair for me.


  1. Dust bunnies, dog hair and dead mice. Now that sounds like a day at our house!
    Love your little sweet sack. It looks like it could be Father Christmas's sack filled with pressies! Very sweet.

  2. This is just the perfect size and thanks for the link!


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