Wednesday, 3 November 2010

The things you do for your children.

T was supposed to be going to a party last night at school, games and such. All dressed up in Halloween garb. At the last minute it was cancelled. I realise that it could be down to a bad choice of day but it was mentioned that a lot of the kids thought that the party was “lame” and “for kids”. Well pardon me, at 12, THEY ARE KIDS!!!

So, T was gutted and I felt sad so………


Severed fingers and eyeball cakes.


Out of the garden pumpkin.

He dressed up as the Terminator and I think the evening was saved.

Back to the ferrero project, here is this weeks offering. By the way feel free to make these to sell. If anyone asks Tell them where the pattern can be found. Also, I feel that I should mention that the suggested hook size is just that, a suggestion. I crochet loose but with these things am a bit tighter so play around.IMG_0327

Also I would love to see what you make so show a picture here

Pattern is here

UK terms

US terms


  1. Cute and thanks for sharing!

  2. Your poor boy, it's just cr@p that they cancelled at the last minute. Shame that some kids just don't want to stay kids and silly adults listen to them! What lovely Mum to make him awesome snacks. I am sure that cheered him up.
    Wish I had enough spare time to try out your latest pattern. It seems the sooner the sun goes down these days the less spare time I seem to have! Love your little snow guy too.

  3. Poor T.... why do kids not want to be kids anymore? its sad, because then the kids who DO want to have fun and play are made to feel stupid and immature!
    Do you know what Louise? This is a *shhhhhh, secret* but when I went to Turangi last week it was for a funeral, so the whole of Karen's family was there and my 13 year old niece who just likes to ride horses and play on swings reminded me so much of myself at her age!!! in fact, i spent far too much time in my nice adult clothes and fancy shoes sitting at the top of a jungle gym hanging out talking about horse stuff with her because kids are just plain, no-fuss, no-hassle fun sometimes!
    Cool to see your fun at home party :)

  4. Much better to have a home severed finger party... Class of guest much better! Thanks for popping over to MagicBeans, Ax

  5. Top notch mum that's what i say xx Kids are pressured too much by their peers, i'm having the same with my 11 come 12 tomorrow yr old daughter such a shame.... anyhows i've just finished making my first pud and i will post pics tomorrow afternoon (finish work time) hehe over on your flickr group xxxx


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