Tuesday, 16 November 2010



Oh how I love it!!!!

From inside looking out it is safe and cosy.



I love the way that occasionally the sun starts to break through and that feels so positive, like anything can happen. I love the way that it creeps in, low and thick and spooky. I like to see it sit in the dips and low fields, the sun shining above.


Its a good job I do enjoy fog as we live on the very edge of the vale of York which is low and flat and fog collects there regularly, often not shifting for days. Now THAT feels claustrophobic but its not often. See, I even love that the geography of the area and the Science of fog let me see it often. If we had good thick snow on the ground I would love it even more.


I do however feel the need to explain  that my love of fog ends if either I or my loved ones have to drive in it or it is accompanied (as it was this morning) with ice. Which not even my hiking boots could cope with!!



  1. I too am a fog fan but it was very thick here this morning and my eldest went off to school on his bike. I hope he put his lights on.

  2. I like fog, but don't get to see too much of it - sometimes in a couple of valleys, if I'm lucky. But like you I hate it when having to drive in it

  3. Oooooh.... I love those photos... it takes me back to the times in my life when I've lived in the UK and the Netherlands.... *sigh* Just beautiful.

  4. I read your post yesterday and I had I responded then I would have said "yes I love fog too", but later that day I had to drive home in the dark and rain with the thickest fog EVER! Needless to say I was terrified and pray I never have to do it again. Fog from my bedroom window, is lovely, but Fog out the windshield of my car is too scary for me.


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