Friday, 6 January 2012

Friday crafternoon


I always allow myself a little me time on a Friday between chores and dinner. Today I was quite proud of my cupboard tidying (2 heavy supermarket bags full of things that expired in 2009, I know but please save your outrage to the end) I also ironed and restrung and tuned a guitar for Mr H who wants to learn. At this point I turned my attention craft ward and made the fabric bow you see nestled in my log basket. ( we have a gas fire its entirely for mock cottagey show) Robin is a recent acquisition don’t you just love him?


I used instructions from here to make it although I made it smaller, only 2 of each size strip and the centre loop was about 4 inches. I glued it for speed but would sew it next time. It would look lovely on a hair band or even a brooch.

Thank you to Lucy of Lucyinthesky blog for leading me to stumble upon where I found the idea and many many more besides Its addictive so approach with caution.


  1. Could I order a dozen of those bows please in a 'Festive Fabric' ready for Christmas 2012? Thank you :)

  2. Love those bows! How clever are they?
    No outrage over here on the 2009 goodies. I found just as many if not more in my cupboard last week. It was shamefull.
    Restringing and tuning a guitar? How talented are YOU????

  3. I found some older than that and I too need to delve to the back of the kitchen cupboards (there could be something older in there....) so no outrage here. The bow is lovely and I am very impressed that you not only know how to tune a guitar but can restring one too.
    I'm a bit afraid to look at stumble upon - does it suck time like pinterest?


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