Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Winner, hearts and flag

So sorry to keep you waiting but I’ve been taking advantage of some fine weather to get into the garden and prepare the veg beds for the new growing season.

Right the draw, drum roll pleaseIMG_0972

And the winner is……


Of Aussie Maria fame. As soon as you let me know where to send it, the bunny plus chocolate sweetie egg will be on its way to you. You can email me at the adress in my profile. Yay!!

Aside from gardening and chasing dust bunnies around, I have been hooking. A little late and inspired as always by blolgand I have made hearts for a bathroom garland which I have snuck in while my husband is away this week

.IMG_0971  IMG_0965 IMG_0966

I really love them but they need more stuff dangling from them. As you can see there is far too much wall on show. I got the pattern from June Gilbanks website. I think the shape is lovely.


I have also made this cushion. Now I really love this one. It was easy to make and quite quick too. I especially like the finish on the cushion as it looks professional (not blowing my own trumpet, the pattern is very profesh) The pattern can be purchased  from The Royal Sisters £3.78. I saw it a while ago but did nothing until I saw Amanda had made one and I had a serious case of the wanties.IMG_0961

I do like my union flags. It was while I was doing this that I made the square for Sibol.  I fancy making one in lots of bonny colours or maybe shades of grey. Hmmm

Huge welcome to all my new visitors by the way. Its so lovely to know you are there weather you want to say hi or not. I love to know that I am not alone.

Happy Wednesday




  1. Lovely bunting!

  2. I love your Union Jack pillow. I am from the USA, but I just might make one. I love everything British!

  3. Congratulations Maria!!!!
    Well done.
    Louise your cushion has come out beautifully! It is a nice pattern. OOh it looks so....good.
    your hearts too are superb. Good idea to put them in the bathroom, never would have thought!
    Why not?
    Hugs and love suex

  4. fab bunting - and the cushion is amazing! I think I have a case of the wanties now (better finsih some wips first though..."sigh")
    Jane x

  5. What a shock I received when I read your post. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Your cushion looks lovely and very profesh!!
    Would love to make an Australian version, but I think the stars would be tricky

  6. I love the flag cushion! and the little hearts!

  7. Love your heart bunting!!! If I put up anymore crochet bunting in my house I might have a war on my hands. Cushion is fab too! It looks like it would be really difficult, not sure if I could figure it out.
    Congrats to Maria on winning your giveaway, she's gonna love that bunny!

  8. Hello Louise, I love your hearts and union jack cushion! I have planted chili seeds indoors as I was inspired by your super chili post last year! I hope I am as successful as you were in growing them!
    Lucy xxx

  9. Everything you've done is so nice. That cushion is great.


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