Friday, 18 March 2011

A riot of colour

IMG_1020IMG_1021 (2)

New project preview. An alternative to nasty Noro.


Taking advantage of the sun to show the spot blanket progress.


Summer shawl is all done and being blocked upstairs. Its acrylic so I used steam to “kill” the fibre. I could actually see it move as it died!!! uuurrgh. It is undoubtedly nasty yarn but soft and it looks pretty. I know some people that are like that!!


Finally, what do you do when you are 13 and your muscles have yet to “kick in”. Well you get your mother to paint a six pack on a t shirt for red nose day so you can be the incredible hulk at the school monster theme day.

A grand weekend to you all and if you are one of those people who had green beer last night, then I really hope that you are starting to feel better.




  1. WOW! I'm am in awe! The spot blanket and summer shawl are AMAZING!!! What patterns did you use for them? I love them.
    Love your boy's t-shirt! You are clever!
    Have a great weekend ♥

  2. What a lovely Mummy drawing on a six pack, he looks a real Hunk. You will have his friends queueing up next year!!! Your photographs are grand, making the most of the bright sunshine. Happy Red Nose Day. :)

  3. King Cole Riot by any chance? Great yarn indeed - I like it loads! Love the Hulk t shirt - I'd wear it myself - really!!

    Daughter is home along with a very muddy bag of badly packed clothes and shoes. Nice to have her back though - she came running at me in the school hall and almost knocked me over when hugging me! I nearly burst into tears there and then! Best hello ever!! :)

  4. Lou , Riot is lovely !!!
    I have 200grms to play with but I cant decide what to make, cant wait to see what you have up your sleeve :-) xx
    Hugs Fee xxx

  5. You have some lovely projects on the go Louise and that yarn looks lovely.

    Fab six pack!

  6. it Riot? Or is it the Crystal palace version? Please don't keep us in suspense!

    I love the outfit - very effective and inventive (and a great choice of theme for red nose day)

  7. Yes Jane its Riot. The colours are lovely and its cheaper than Noro a bit softer too. Sorry about the suspense but I wanted to show what I'm making and I hadn't done much. I will rectify it right now.

  8. That was a good idea for Red Nose Day for your son! We just had non-uniform day at school! Your crocheting is fabulous!
    Lucy xx

  9. Gosh your work is beautiful Louise! I love the tee shirt too, great idea!
    Hugs suex

  10. I too have 200g of Riot, just got it because I liked it, as you say softer the Noro (and boy a lot cheaper!!)

  11. oh wow the mutlticoloured blanket is just amazing and i love all of the little projects running alongside your blog, i cant wait to look at all of your other posts :)

  12. Lovely work Louise. I see you have answered the question I had about the yarn - pity we don't have it "down-under", will have to keep looking

  13. Exquisite blanket and shawl. So, so pretty.

  14. Such a lovely bunch of colors you used on your projects! Just like springtime bouquets of beauty.


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