Thursday, 17 June 2010

A lovely few days

Well lovely friends I am sitting outside on the deck blogging to you on my lappy toppy. She is sooo surlooow but I can't be at the main 'puter because I have a man in. I am having my carpets and sofas dedoggyfied and generally freshened up. Of course along with this I am enjoying a fine glass of elderflower cordial which I made yesterday after I read about it at The Quince tree. It has a wonderful and subtle taste and i very refreshing. Very English.

IMG_1508 IMG_1490   

I have been getting up verry early these past few days, it must be the light of the sun. It has meant that I have fitted in some sneaky hook time. Mr LLL goes off verrrry early so I disturb noone by hooking in bed with a coffee and the Dog ( please don't be disgusted)

 My dear friend Sara and I are having a stall at the local primary summer fair. This time last year I was the chair of the FROGS ( friends of Goldeborough school) so it will be very different for me this year. MUCH less work for one thing. I have made corsages and chapstick holders as well as mini bunting and tissue cases. We'll see how it goes most people want it all for nothing, we'll have a hoot anyway and thats the main thing.
As  I type I am very excited and more than a little bemused. I host a very modest blog and as I have said in the past I am surprised and delighted that you all visit, I get may be 6 or 7 comments left and have recently sent a pressie to Mrs Twins because she left the 100th comment on my blog! I get around 20 different people visit each day. See? modest.   Well overnight stat tell me that 167 hits were recieved. OMG!!!!That is so huge for me. They mostly seemed interested in my post on the shawl I made for poorly friend who incidently has caught the sicky lurgy due to immune surpression drugs. Bummer.

IMG_1484 Well hunnies I am not sure how this is going to turn out as it looks very weird on screen right now. I will post on Sunday how the fair turns out

Edited to add that I,m now at 343 hits today. I still don't understand. Is it an error at statcounter? Welcome lovely people!!! If you are new to this blog say Hi because you are so very welcome. Lets chat.


  1. Glad you are enjoying your elderflower cordial Louise :o) I'm having a very frustrating time with Blooger. It is refusing to upload my photos. Very annoying as I have just taken some fab pics of a poppy field. Grrr

  2. Louise,
    I think its because of ravelry plus Mrs. Twins :) I am enjoying your blog for sure!

  3. Well I'm not surprised you have so many visitors to your little blog - I think its FABULOUS!!!! I have to say I had a little giggle when you wrote "I have a man in" - must clean my thoughts up :-) Nothing better than some sneaky early morning hooking with a cuppa and the dog on the bed or in my case three dogs!!!
    No graduation for us yet - its tomorrow and I have managed to work myself into quite a state about it all - must focus and try not to cry. Children just grow up entirely too fast.
    Have a lovely day,

  4. Good luck with your Summer Fair - I have one next Saturday!!
    Lucy xx

  5. Wow! Can you believe that! Its amazing how things move in blogland. I wouldn't be at all surprised! I cant believe for one minute how popular the blog is.
    You've very sweet to give me a mention. You have a lovely blog too. I enjoy popping over to see you.
    Love to you Suex 'and thanks' x

  6. Lol, I also had a giggle when you said you had a man in, I think I had better clean my thoughts up along with Louise.
    Well done on all the hits, it's a lovely blog and I'm glad it's getting seen.
    Hope the Summer Fair went well.

  7. Hi Louise
    Love your flowers .Hope the Fair went well.
    Congrats on all the hits .I think you are right about the reason.I've picked up some more followers since posting pictures on the "we love lucy" group.
    Jacquie x


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